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At the heart of the Parisian saddler’s collections, wallpaper and interior fabrics have a special place – a universe full of color, brightness, and delectable delights regales the eye with surefire refinement. Because it opens onto new, surprising, soft, and radiant horizons, the new interiors collection from Hermès marks a new graphical language for the brand. The saddler entrusted Italian illustrator Gianpaolo Pagni with the creation of this universe as enchanting as it is elegant.  Weaving is ceaselessly reinvented; made of cotton, wool, or silk faille, the fabrics bring a touch of lightness and liberty. Molding the space they inhabit, these fabrics and wallpapers invite you to play in different levels to form a number of singular perspectives.

For the wallpapering, Gianpaolo Pagni imagined four brand new lines. “Les Carreaux” uses the celebrated design to honor construction games. The “Milleraies” line is made using a single stamp applied continuously, poetically evoking the patina of a ribbed tissue. “Mille Jeux Jetons” takes on dice, blocks, and small horses, without forgetting the toy chests to put them all away. This wallpaper thus transforms into a gaming table. Even better, its bright colors highlight a joyous disorder. “Briques” makes excessive but tempered use of a stamp to design an H. This graphic tool is infinitely repeated to be built up like a wall of bricks. Finally, the “Les Cabanes Dans” composition is the work of illustrator Nigel Peake, who imagined a hodgepodge of colorful cabins.

The interior fabrics breathe the fantasy and magic that Hermès is known for. To create “Rubans broderie”, Gianpaolo Pagni used the legendary saddler’s stitch to construct ribbons with the help of two stamps that he paired and applied in order to form a labyrinth of letters. As if by magic, all together they form the word Hermès in capital letters. “Clic clac quadrille” is a clash of two drawings. “Clic Clac”, by Julie Abadie – a 1979 carré scarf brought back down to its essence – and a stamped grid pattern by Gianpaolo Pagni. Reproduced in a two-tone version, the finesse of the writing on the fabric is revealed on silk faille. This highly desirable collection is available now.

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