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Hennessy decided to take the aesthetics for its new limited edition from the great street artist JoneOne. After Scott Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Ryan McGinness, and more recently Futura, JoneOne, the self-taught graffiti artist, was entrusted with creating the limited edition Hennessy Very Special 2017. From his first visit to Hennessy’s historic headquarters in Cognac, JoneOne’s creative vision immediately synced with this atmosphere and the next story to be told. Available since September, this year’s Hennessy is meant to be enjoyed pure.

Master-Assembler Yann Fillioux first presented JoneOne with the complexity of cognac. “During my meeting with Mr. Fillioux, I really felt his passion and his involvement,” explained the artist. “Having discovered people as excited for their field as in Hennessy has gone into my creative process. For them and for me, this isn’t just a job.” “Like Hennessy, he’s always on a quest for excellence,” explains Bernard Peillon, President of Hennessy. To compose Very Special’s bottle, JoneOne decided to unite with the energy that defines his style. With splash after splash, bright traces of color mix together with symbols unique to Hennessy.

His work echoes out to complex superpositions of notes and aromas composed by the master-assembler. The dressing for the Hennessy Very Special 2017 limited edition is a transcription of the sensations experienced when tasting it. Until November, an exhibit will allow viewers to go backstage and see the creative process behind this limited edition Hennessy Very Special. The exhibit will also reveal the superposition principles and techniques of graffiti artist JoneOne. Check it out now in Cognac, France.

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