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Since 1843, Glenmorangie has stubbornly sought perfection in the distilling of their whisky. While the road is a long one, they never stop midway. With their unique stills – the tallest in Scotland with 5.14 meters in height – only the lightest and purest vapors are able to reach the top of their long copper necks. Glenmorangie is thus capable of producing a sweeter and purer whisky than any other distillery.

Today, Glenmorangie is pushing their quest for perfection even further by bringing the world the rarest, oldest, and most complex expression ever offered by a distillery: Pride 1974, an exceptional 41 year old whisky. Pride 1974 owes its intense character to an assembly of two whiskies from different barrels – one aged in old bourbon barrels, the other in old Oloroso sherry barrels. Dr. Bill Lumsden, director of distillation and creation for Glenmorangie, specifies: “The complex, balanced flavors and the sweet finish are the result of a whisky that’s perfectly conceived and planned. Glenmorangie Pride 1974 is an incomparable single malt whisky that will be valued by connoisseurs and collectors.”

Made unique by the harmony between its flavors, Pride 1974 is also unique with its mahogany color that makes it a rare and beautiful whisky. With profound, rich, salty, and spicy notes, just a few drops of water liberate a multitude of complex vapors, recalling a brioche cooking in the oven or ginger snap cookies. A sweet and suave taste brings out vibrant flavors of apples cooking in the oven, oranges, honey, menthol, cloves, and anise. The finale is long but sweet, with pecans, leather, and creamy caramel latte. This delectable treat harmoniously unites depth and complexity, finesse and elegance. But get it while you can; this exceptional beverage is only available in a limited edition.

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