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There are brands where the spirit of the founder watches over every nook and cranny – this is the case for Christian Dior’s brands. We know that he was very superstitious, inspired by his youth spent in Granville in the Northwest of France. This landscape of plants, insects, and verdant reverie was reconstructed by the Dior team within the gardens of the Musée Rodin. There, in this atmosphere as sweeping as it was romanesque, pieces each more sumptuous than the last went down the runway. In the maze of this labyrinth that smelled of freshly cut grass, all the makings of society life were present and accounted for.

“Monsieur Dior had a passion for gardens… A labyrinth is a dreamy garden, somewhere between marvelous and dangerous. I like to think that the idea of the labyrinth, where you’re searching for your way, is a metaphor for my work at Dior, obviously the incarnation of my first haute couture collection,” confided Maria Grazia Chiuri backstage. The first appearances: black evening dresses with aristocratic airs… Shaped like insects, butterflies, or birds, they subtly accentuated the spirit of a Venetian ball. “I was surprised to discover that a large part of the dresses were lesser known, more minimalist creations that inspired me.”

The brand’s 70th anniversary was the perfect occasion to pay a sublime homage to the little known character of the Monsieur himself. Astrological signs embroidered on bustier dresses and a magic tree where tarot cards blossom were all it took to completely charm the audience. The most convincing nod to this entire universe remains the reinterpretation of the legendary tailleur-bar in its original color. Imagined in shades of blue and off-white, this neo-tailleur-bar is more preoccupied with fluidity than with sculpting a femme-fleur woman. The spans add a certain sensuality to this essential piece in the Dior wardrobe. Revisited, the bar jacket is remade in one of the most precious and moving fabrics, as if next season’s Dior woman were to cherish first and foremost a timeless heritage.

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