The “Magic Top” Yule Log at the Shangri-La Hotel

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The holidays are fast approaching, and with them come Christmastime treats aplenty. The Shangri-La Hotel has announced its newest production with head pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti – the idea: bring out an exquisite iced dessert. This is a yule log, but a yule log that takes on the shape and motions of a top. As fun as it is tasty, this object inspires and regales the senses. Once in movement, the yule log is sure to cause a stir – this Magic Top is a nod to traditional Christmas ornaments and is sure to dress the most beautiful holiday tables with elegance.

The Magic Top reveals a number of superimposed layers. Head pastry chef Michaël Bartocetti imagined it as a game of flavors and textures that mixes the softness of a Papau/New Guinea Madong chocolate mousse, the crunchiness of a hazelnut praline, and a creamy gianduja with a gingerbread cookie. The treat is perched on a hazelnut crunch with sea salt covered by a delicate layer of Caribbean 66% chocolate. By digging into his childhood memories, the Shangri-La’s head pastry chef brings the world one of the most coveted desserts of the holidays.

This time, once the upper part of the yule log has been devoured, eaters will be getting a special surprise. Its base, imagined as a delicious refined mix of dried fruits and nuts, is able to be shared. This work of tasting art will be available at the restaurant La Bauhinia from December 5 to the 25, 2017. A lucky few will be able to taste it with sheer delight.

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