The Luxurious Audi A8 Treats Itself To A Little Rejunevation Cure

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The Luxurious Audi A8 Treats Itself To A Little Rejunevation Cure

In the world of high end limousines, the undisputed queen is remains the Mercedes Class S with, throughout 2020, no less than 56 000 units sold across the globe, against 46 000 for the BMW Series 7 and 22 000 or the Audi A8. After four years of good and loyal service, the Audi A8is receiving a midlife makeover with a few warm-welcomed tweaks. Not enough to topple the Mercedes Class S’ throne, new generation and old generation likewise, but enough to keep the A8 up to date until its big replacement, in 2023, with the series version of the Grandsphere concept car.

The ringed-range experts will undoubtedly have noticed the presence of a slightly redesigned radiator grill with original filling and all new shapes. The front bumper has been reviewed on its underside, just as the one located at the back with the arrival of a chromed part along its entire length. The light signature has also been changed and the front optics have adopted a new shape with sharper lines, sort of like the current A4 before it was redesigned. The catalogue welcomes a few new notions, such as new matte colorways or new rims.

On the inside, the status quo is conserved. Nothing -nearly- is changed, with its three screens and its impeccable production. Still, there are a few novelties, notably the new Android Auto and Apple Car Play compatible screens at the back, for the rear passengers. To further the stress on the high end aspect of this A8, state of the art heating armrests were installed and the massage feature welcomes new modes.

The other novelty does not concern the european market, but the asian one, since an even-more-luxurious version, baptised “Horch” is coming to the catalogue. Thhe Horch manufacturing brand was founded in 1899 par the german industrialist August Horch. A decade later, he was ousted from his own company following a set of internal quarrels. Thus, he decided to launch a new company bearing the same name, which he later had to rename for obscure legal reasons. he opted for the name “Audi”, latin for “listen”, same as Horch means in german. Horch and Audi were reunited in 1932, when the Auto Union group was formed.

This Audi Horch has grown 13 centimeters longer when compared to the L version, at a size of 5.45 meters. It’s equipped with specific upholstery, with crowned H patterns embedded into the leather, even thicker padding, as is the floor carpeting, a lengthened panoramic roof and a vertical patterned grill.

In regards to motorisation, there is no change worth mentioning; the redesigned A8 is keeping its predecessor’s specs. Thus, in France, we are being treated to a 50 TDI 286 horsepower and 600 Nm torque diesel. On the gasoline side, there will be more options, with the 55 TFSI and 60 TFSI of, respectively, 340 and 460 horsepower. A rechargeable hybrid engine is available with the 460 horsepower 60 TFSI version. Still, the S8 and its 4.0 liter bi-turbo V8, the same as that of the Porsche Panamera and the other Audi RS 6s, is still in the race with its 571 equidae.

All these A8 variants are proposed with integral transmission and a 8 gear automatic shift. In regards to driving assistance, the list is almost infinite, with 40 different types of technology and a level 2 semi-autonomous driving assistance. The prices of these new Audi A8s are not yet known, except for the entry level which is set at 99 000 euros, slightly lower than that of the Mercedes Class S who has just received its own accomplished new generation makeover.

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