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The collection was thought up like an inspiration notebook. This partnership between The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Dior culminates in delicate pieces that, through their pure lines, transcend these retrogressive Warhol sketches from the 50s. This is how a recurring theme with modern traits ends up on the Lady Dior: a high heel. Raf Simons and Warhol are definitely like-minded: “For me, Warhol has so much meaning. I was interested by the delicateness and the sensitivity emanating from his initial works (…)” he explains about this trans-genre choice.

Upon contact with the obscure Warhol work Unidentified Female, the Lady Dior takes on new pastel tones. Like a powdered delicacy that, as soon as it attracts your gaze, will never let it go. “For Dior, it’s an obsession with the Belle Époque, for me, that of modernism” adds the couturier who is this season putting a successful fusion of past and present to work. Seeming to accept residual inspirations from Monsieur Dior himself, he’s signing off on a line of Lady Diors that are naturally graphic and delicate, mirthful and soft. “It’s this idea of hand drawing, like a personal signature” that adds a whole new flavor to this little piece of a greater legacy.

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