The Intrecciato Bottega Veneta Vedette A/W 2022

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Matthieu Blazy, the new artistic director, explored the house’s powerful Intrecciato Bottega Veneta signature, alongside super original pieces!

It was a highly anticipated collection. In Milan Fashion Week, the newly appointed artistic director exhibited a men’s and women’s collection featuring the iconic Intrecciato Bottega Veneta. A classic which since the company’s establishment in 1966 in Vicenza, has introduced and enhanced a new concept of luxury, accentuated by the Interacciato pleated leather which was inspired by an ancestral technique.

Inspired by the concept of movement and thinking about a clientele who are often on-the-go, Bottega Veneta’s Autumn/Winter 2021 collection presented a more chic and understated vision than that of Matthieu Blazy’s. The current artistic director, who rightly explained:

“The idea was to bring back energy, a silhouette that really expressed motion, Bottega is a bag company, so you go somewhere, you don’t stay at home. This collection is basically a journey. There are many characters and they all have places to go, they feel quite free”.

In this collection, Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato technique influenced crochet jumpers, waders, and a new bag named, Kalimero. A piece that is so in sync with Bottega Venetea’s DNA and Intrecciato know-how as it is woven into one piece without sewing, and the same goes for the waders!

Another interesting look from this collection was a very surprising opening look. At first you might think you’re just looking at a pair of jeans, however according to the press stated you’re actually looking at a “a well-made soft, printed nubuck”.

A more minimalistic vision, and the Intrecciato Bottega Veneta is even chicer and more elegant for next season!

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