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From 1997 to 2003, Martin Margiela was at the reins of creative direction for Hermès. Through 12 years of collections, the designer that is today the most influential of his generation laid the foundations for a neutral palette playing with textures of white, ivory, beige, brown, and black. Today, the brand still swears by this. And yet, the Belgian designer’s greatest introduction remains an accessory that has since become an icon within Hermès’ very DNA: the double tour bracelet. Imagined for Cape Code in 1997, it would soon become a part of Hermès watchmaking’s iconic vocabulary. The Heure H watch was composed a year later under the impetus of designer Philippe Mouquet.

Hermès is taking on time and making it an object issued from exigent craftsmanship. The Heure H watch can be understood as the perfect accomplice to its wearer. Between the lines of a letter, Hermès captures the flow of time. The Heure H watch is beyond all norms – daily life becomes a game, as a moment suspends its frantic race forward to make way for a time that’s all one’s own. In over 20 years of existence, this timepiece has soared to the ranks of a watchmaking icon. Singular, serious yet fantastic, the Heure H watch is an intense symbol using creativity and modernism with the Arceau watch, an other Hermes’ icon.

This joyous and bold style is today being reinvented in a white or black lacquer version. The iconic H is now covered with a translucent varnish. The Heure H watch has long cultivated beauty from paradox; now with the bracelet’s newest colors, the watch is becoming more mischievous as well. There are eight different versions, each boasting the deft nobility of Hermès, enchanting the colors and profound sobriety of the dial. Bright red, orange, yellow, and blue all encounter a simple or double tour. This new version of unfailing time comes in two different sizes.

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