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Karl Lagerfeld chose these four because of their strong ties to the double-C brand and its universe. The entire works, from the bag itself to the ad campaign, was the work of the Kaiser. Presented during the Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2017 runway, the Gabrielle bag is like a mischievous nod to Coco herself. This piece preserves all the aesthetic and practical spirit that Gabrielle herself strove for. Uniting the strength and elegance of Chanel style, the bag uses a rigid thermoformed base, while an extremely light and ultra-flexible body allows for a contrast in the structure. Its infallibly practical adjustable strap is accompanied by a double braided chain made of leather and gold and silver metal. Even better, just as Coco was so concerned for the liberation of the body, Karl Lagerfeld has thought up a form made to espouse the silhouette and follow its every nuance – walking in step without being overbearing. It’s plain and simply Chanel.

To boost the launch of this next it-bag, the brand’s creative director went with a quartet of personalities as stunning as they are elegant: Kristen Stewart, Caroline de Maigret, Cara Delevingne, and Pharrell Williams, each chosen to incarnate one of the different facets of Chanel. This breed of originality allows for multiple interpretations of this newest object of desire, imagined to adapt to every mood and situation. Even better, with this bag, Karl Lagerfeld is renewing the label’s distinctive codes to perpetuate the history of a brand as well as the spirit of its founder who always placed liberty at the heart of her creations. Photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself, the ad campaign will be unveiled on April 3, 2017. Good things come to those who wait…!

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