The Fur Dress Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2017

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Their hair braided and sprinkled with ears of grain, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s beauties are free to not play by any unnatural rulebook. With open-toe platform shoes in bright colors and green, yellow, or red eyeshadow, silky accessories in their hair, they slip into elegant outfits, some of them surreal, some of them inspired by tropical islands, some of them close to those of collections past – but perhaps a tad less exalted here. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s classics are all present and accounted for: the striped sweater is transformed into a desirable lace countrygirl jacket.

Strokes of extravagance imbued with ardor and liberty are the keywords for Gaultier’s brand, but the key piece remains this fur dress that, in a tender pink, softly presents a new take on the label’s iconic bust. The Gaultier woman plays with the traditional rules to find and express a certain freedom. She cherishes this freedom when enveloping herself in draping color block or rainbow fabrics, even sometimes printed with poppies and sunflowers to bring up the energy. Welcome to the Gaultier universe.

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