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Ecrin blanc courchevel

The Ecrin Blanc Resort in Courchevel is a four-star space with exceptional services and a charming residence!

The Ecrin Blanc Resort in Courchevel 1550: Traditional Chic

The Ecrin Blanc Resort is located in the heart of the most chic of ski area. A well- structured building whose apartments present the well-being and way of living of Courchevel. At the foot of the slopes, this elegant hotel offers direct access to the Les Grandes Combes chairlift.

Regarding the interior, architect Chantal Peyrat designed this place in a pure mountain spirit – comfort, traditional chic and comfort again! The soft tones soothe the senses with natural materials and provide a striking comfort. With its 127 rooms and suites, opening up to areas of 30 to 120 m2 large, Ecrin Blanc is a spacious and relaxing retreat.

The establishment notes as follows: “The Cocoon rooms are real spacious and comfortable refuges, the Comfort and Superior suites will be ideal for sharing your daily experiences in their living space, the Coup de Coeur suites stand out for their unique style, the Large and Superior suites guarantee the same comfort as a luxury apartment and the Very Large Suites are real mountain refuges, thus offering quality and authenticity…”

Authentic, Ecrin Blanc is certainly so. And on the restaurant and Aquamotion side, we discover respectively true Savoyard cuisine, and a space dedicated to well-being in tune with its natural environment!

The Ecrin Blanc Resort in Courchevel 1550… Gastronomy, Cocktails, And Well- Being!

The Ecrin Blanc Resort offers simple and authentic cuisine, in the restaurant Le Grill, open to guests and other. A precise and skilled vision of the region’s classics – it is with organic and seasonal products directly sourced from local producers that this comforting and delicious food is prepared!

With the large bay windows that extend along the facade, offering a view over the breathtaking mountain relief… The food is even more enjoyable because the French grill is in front of us, making us just as warm as the food.

Ecrin Blanc Four stars!

At nightfall, the Ecrin Blanc Resort pull out their signature cocktails, deliciously served in a cozy and subdued setting… Custom-made, each client has a drink to match their taste, sipping and relaxed at the bar counter or seated in one of the small lounges for more privacy.

Finally… This is perhaps the most playful space for well-being in Courchevel.

Aquamotion is 15,000 m2 of sports and fitness space, Entirely integrated into its environment and with huge bay windows to let the natural light shine through!

“On the agenda: gym, climbing, fun and sports pool, baby pool, slides, indoor surfing, outdoor lagoons with jacuzzi, spa, salt cave, massages, etc. Other services and treatments such as shiatsu, osteopathy, cryotherapy and sophrology sessions are also possible by appointment” Ecrin Blanc states. Since pleasing its clients is the number one priority, it also offers privileged access directly from the hotel.

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