The Dinh Van Handcuffs Collection: Revolutionary Cord and Diamond Bracelet

The Dinh Van Handcuffs Collection: Revolutionary Cord and Diamond Bracelet

The Dinh Van Handcuffs are part of a revolution initiated by the jeweler — and it is the bracelet designed in cord, gold, silver and diamonds that embodies the icon.

The Dinh Van Handcuffs Collection: Iconic Bracelet!

The story of Dinh Van’s handcuffs is the story of a revolution. Personal first.

Dinh Van set up his own business on Place Gaillon, near Place Vendôme in 1960. After designing the two-pearl ring for Pierre Cardin in 1967, he was chosen as one of the four best French jewelers and exhibited in Montreal.

Collection Handcuffs Dinh Van : Cord Bracelet

Thanks to this first step on the American continent, Jean Dinh Van will start a collaboration with Cartier in New York. The designs created were signed “Cartier dinh van”. But in the late 1960s, driven by his intuition, Jean Dinh Van left Cartier and turned to contemporary design, advertising and the birth of ready-to-wear.

At the end of the 1960s, Jean Dinh Van set his sights on a different kind of jewelry. For him, it could leave the traditional Place Vendôme and enter an era of democratization.

Collection Handcuffs Dinh Van : Cord Bracelet

It must be said that Dinh Van is carried by the spirit of his time. In the 1960s, at the height of the national movement for women’s emancipation. Inspired by this movement, Dinh Van addresses his collections to the modern woman, independent, full of confidence, insensitive to trends.

Her first desire was to create accessible jewelry for free women – no wonder it was around 1969! Dinh van has made her jewelry more about revealing those who wear it rather than those who simply look at it.

Created in 1976, the Menottes collection literally turned the world of French jewelry upside down. Because where traditional jewelers strive to make the clasp as discreet as possible, Dinh Van uses it as the centerpiece of a jewel that will become the symbol of undying love. Even better, his creations are coming out of the Place Vendôme and are distributed at the Publicis Drugstore, the mythical place that sold “luxury to all”.

The Dinh Van Handcuff Bracelet

The Dinh Van handcuffs bracelet was also created in 1976. The design was inspired by the idea of linking two bracelets with a chain, which can be worn separately or locked together as a symbol of unity. As one might expect, the principles and design of the Bracelet Cuffs initially caused controversy.

Decades later, the Dinh Van handcuffs bracelet has finally become an iconic piece of the house. Today, the Dinh Van handcuff bracelet is an iconic piece of jewelry, worn by both men and women. Dinh Van has brought a breath of fresh air to the jewelry world, with handcuffs perfect for all ages and genders.

The jeweler finally demystified the exclusivity of a piece of jewelry by mounting his Handcuffs on silver, gold and diamond pieces on cotton threads. A jewel so iconic that its appearance in no less iconic films makes it popular as hell! In the movie “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1999), the character played by Pierce Brosnan wears a Dinh Van handcuff bracelet. And, of course, we find the cord and diamond bracelet in the mythical series “Sex and the City”, in which the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker wears a Dinh Van bracelet!