The Clicq’call by Veuve Clicquot for Valentine’s Day

Veuve Clicquot’s design still reigns supreme and is distinguishable among other vintages because of the brand’s audacity and ingenuity. Renowned and admired for their innovative character, they’re now giving Cupid all the attention that the messenger of beating hearts needs. A champagne bucket shaped like a megaphone houses this Rosé Non Vintage. The idea is amusing – with a custom message, it becomes pure genius.

Veuve Clicquot has transformed champagne into a very thoughtful gift indeed. With a custom message added to it, Valentine’s Day takes on a whole new meaning. In true festive spirit, the Clicq’call box set allows you to record your own message, all while offering the recipient the opportunity to respond with a recording of their own. Oh yes, the occasions for giving are endless. After all, everything’s more personal when you put it in your own words.


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