The Cape Cod by Hermès

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The Cape Cod by Hermès

Humble luxury became Hermès’ trademark. When we talk about Hermès, we think of delicate, chic objects and luxury in its purest form, a symbol of a luxury à la française; just like the Cape Cod watch, created in 1991.

A classic style? Not really. Decked out in steel, restraint and elegance flow out from a spiraled contour, imagined by Martin Margiela in 1998 when he was still a stylist for Hermès. A pure white casing where silver needles guide your desire to check the time more often… Admiring your watch while in a hurry, gazing it at just because it is beautiful but above all discovering the mystery of time that has been imprisoned for so long.

The Cape Cod is easy to wear; this watchmaking jewel will never go out of style. Even better, it can embrace the wrists of many generations. With this timepiece, life is eternity, and eternity becomes a reality. Time is the greatest gift of all, and one that the Cape Cod will bestow upon you time and time again.

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