The Bulgari Hotel Milano: An Oasis of Luxury in the Heart of the City

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To find it, one must first turn into a small alley between Via Montenapoleone, Via della Spiga, la Scala, and the Brera Academy to find oneself at the very heart of Milanese cultural and commercial life. This is where the Bulgari Hotel lies. Inaugurated on May 18, 2004, the hotel reused the facade of an ancient 18th century Milanese residence – but behind these slightly austere walls hides a surprising number of courtyards and delectable green spaces. In a city where couturiers are often considered to be the new Medicis, it’s no surprise to discover a place like the Bulgari Hotel. Within it resides a delicate balance between rigorous design and rich atmosphere – a balance made possible by the use of heavy and solid fabrics like black Zimbabwe marble and bronze.

The Bulgari Hotel’s graphic composition couldn’t have been better made by the contemporary design concepts of renowned architects such as Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel. Everything comes together with modern and distinguished furnishings. Within the hotel’s 58 rooms and suites are framed sketches of emblematic Bulgari jewels to bring guests further into the iconic universe of the diamond manufacturer. Another strong point of Bulgari luxury is the Spa covered with gold stones from Vicenza, arranged with irregular motifs that echo out to the green windows. The bath is breathtaking, composed of gold and a mosaic of emeralds. One gets a feel for all the craftsmanship that surrounds this space through three lines of exclusive products offered by the Spa Bulgari: La Mer’s light Miracle Broth, 100% natural Amala, and Sothy’s. Finally, the contemporary design espouses a baroque charm to suggest an atmosphere with hints of exoticism, making for absolute well-being.

The Bulgari Hotel Milano has always been sensitive to environmental issues. In addition to their initiatives in the realm of sustainability, the botanical garden expresses all of this place’s strength, finesse, and sophistication. This veritable haven of peace is designed after the original location’s gardens that date back to 1305. Within this luxuriant beauty that’s sheltered from the fast pace of Milan can be found all of Bulgari’s luxury: uniqueness and a return to authentic quality, characteristic of the illustrious label for over 130 years. This delicate blend transcends time and trends.

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