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From 1980 onward, Carlo Crocco began defying all conventions in terms of watchmaking for Hublot. No more rules of the trade; with the Big Bang, the manufacturer introduced the first black natural rubber bracelet. Each new watch is the occasion to push the limits of watchmaking aesthetics even further, and Hublot would thus quickly acquire the reputation of being an alchemist with different materials. Today, Hublot’s watches have an aura that have founded the inspiration for the timepieces of an entire era. Now for the first time, the legendary Hublot watch is taking the engraving for its sapphire background from an atypical tradition – Día de los Muertos.

Just as the 10th edition of SIAR Mexico is gearing up, Hublot is bringing its new timepiece into an aesthetic that defies morbidity. Classified as intangible cultural heritage since 2008, Día de los Muertos, contrary to what its name would indicate, is a celebration of life. It’s a joyful and colorful fiesta that’s now taking on the Big Bang. The watch, its dial, its bezel, and its bracelet are all getting engraved with a ‘calavera’, the famous Mexican skull motif. 44 mm of diameter honor this tradition that comes from the Aztecs: a skull that’s this time signed Hublot sports floral and chiseled motifs, engraved into the material like embroidery.

Loyal to their reputation as an alchemist, manipulating different materials with gusto, Hublot is here paying homage to life. “Wearing a representation of a ‘calavera’ on your wrist means being conscious that death is part of life, and that you have to take advantage of every moment we have. It’s also a message of hope, just as the Mexicans intended it, of continuity. At Hublot, we appreciate this festive and positive approach to Día de los Muertos,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, the brand’s CEO. These limited editions of the new Big Bang Calaveras are presented with 3 styles available in only 30 copies. With 20 made of steel and 10 of red gold, these timepieces are symbols of liberty. No other watch can claim to compete with the splendor of the Day of the Dead.

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