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While manufacturers traditionally produce cars with ever wilder performance capabilities – meant to boost their performance in competitions – Bentley opted for a car with extraordinary talents this time around, to be used safely on existing routes. Faster than any other on paper, the Continental GT project is laying the foundations for an automobile with theoretical performance potential that is now becoming more explicit than ever: all of its aptitudes were specially adapted, allowing it to achieve its desired pedigree in the simplest and most natural of ways.

With its 365ch, 820Nm couple, and W12 motor, the GT Speed gets up to its top speed in just 76 seconds over 9,4 kilometers. The Grand Tourisme 6.0 liters is able to cover the dumbfounding distance of 92 meters per second at its top speed. The Continental is an awe-inspiring machine that allows you to cruise over huge distances with the added satisfaction of being able to drive even longer. These feats are accompanied by a top notch interior compartment that is soundproof and free of excess. This aesthetic gem dives right into the very sources of luxury: with decidedly démodé command functions and precious wooden plating, the least one can say is that tradition has been respected to a T here.

But Bentley is focused first and foremost on the heart of the car. With the Continental, each turn of the key propels the passenger into the embrace of a sumptuous padded leather seat, while the W12 biturbo hums in the background. It roars to life every time you take off; this is where the true power of a Bentley lies. On the subject, John Bowe, six-time Australian touring car champion and two-time winner of the Bathurst 1000, declared: “This isn’t a modified racecar; it’s a luxurious grand touring road car fresh off the production line. It took us a little over a minute to go from a standstill to 331 km/h. That’s extraordinary. Even when you break through the 300 km/h barrier, the GT Speed just keeps accelerating.” And there you have it: the iconic nature of the Bentley Continental GT.

Bentley and Aston Martin are two brands that are the apple of every auto lover’s eye. For those who dream of driving one of agent 007’s sports cars, Aston Martin created the DB10, the replacement for the legendary DB9.

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