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It’s an homage to the sea that artist/jeweler Giampiero Bodino loves unconditionally – the Mediterranean, where he grew up. It’s by observing this sea and imbuing himself in its poetry, its calm, and its impetuousness that Giampiero Bodino’s dreams took flight. In these dreams, the artist saw fantastic, original, and incredibly generous jewelry. The sea itself has such a strength and energy that it could only set off the inspiration of a man like Giampiero Bodino. Presented just days ago within the Ritz’s Salon d’Été in Paris, the 19 unique pieces that compose the Mediterranea collection are as dreamy as they are originally dreamed. With original pairings of colors made harmonious through the jeweler’s talent, the pieces in this collection evoke more than just a dream – they evoke an ideal. The shining reflections of the sun on the surface of the water, the unique nature of Mediterranean landscapes… it can all be found within the absolute beauty of these pieces, most notably the Barocco. Bright orange and purple come together with a rare opulence like a source of beauty in itself.

The baroque architecture of the city of Lecce in Apulia, Italy, inspired this piece’s ornamentation. An exaggerated femininity is incarnated in drops of rubellite (7 stones for 169.88 carats in total) that seem to be floating in amethyst pearls, surrounded by fiery opals and yellow beryllium. This piece stunningly mixes emotion, surprise, and the magnificence of the past. The Barocco necklace is completed with diamonds and rose gold for a total weight of 204.15, requiring over 1,000 hours of work to complete. This marvel is, like the rest of the collection, a unique piece that’s for sale by appointment only at Giampiero Bodino in Villa Mozart in Milan.

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