The Baguette by Fendi: a Dream on a Cold Winter’s Night

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26 x 14 cm are the dimensions of this most iconic of Italian handbags. It’s been called a bunker that only carries what is essential to the woman inside of it: a tube of lipstick and a credit card. Its distinctive signature: not having any, besides extravagance and the art of surprise. This bag was thought up and composed like an archetype, freely oscillating between infinitely multipliable pop art works (the Baguette exists in more than 700 versions) and an object manufactured with all the care of the 19th century.

This one-of-a-kind bag is like a butterfly dream, or even better, like a child’s dream. No surprise then that the latest style, exclusively unveiled at the grand opening of Fendi’s new Paris boutique, is adorned with lilliputian ornaments. Entirely conceived and hand-embroidered by Fondazione Lisio, it seems to be straight out of the world of Oberon. Their technique requires close to 180 hours of work, to which are added 12 days to weave the base fabric. This is a cuddly collector’s toy made of real fur; talk about going back to a love of beauty!

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