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After a first luxury hotel opened in Dubai in 2010, the Italian couturier is lending his style to the Milanese hospitality industry; 16,500 square meters where luxury, minimalism, and hedonism come together. It’s in Milan’s Golden Triangle, just a hop skip and a jump away from Via della Spiga and Via Montenapoleone that the Armani Hotel Milano set up shop. Like a sign of destiny, the structure is shaped like an A when seen from above.This hotel incarnates everything that Giorgio Armani would expect from an ideal home: an intimate place where you can both live in silence and host guests in an environment that exhales visual harmony.

“I think of contemporary architect Tadao Ando and his sense of purity, of designer-architect Mies van der Rohe, who was head of the Bauhaus school in the 30s, of Le Corbusier, who knew before anyone else how to find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, or Art deco decorator Jean-Michel Frank, for his creations that are perfectly simple but created using precious materials.” The grand masters of contemporary architecture: this is Giorgio’s inspiration. But the artist still doesn’t forget to infuse his own aesthetic vision into the mix.

That’s why comfort and elegance can be found right down to the tiniest details of his fashion creations. “Like everything he does, Armani never goes overboard. The lines are simple and the innovation is hidden: the shower stall is, for instance, equipped with a two-sided mirror that allows you to see without being seen… It’s an art! The restaurant and the Bamboo Bar also benefit from all of Armani’s creativity and inspiration: the luminescent white-onyx checkered floor contrasts with the lacquered wood, while the black marble provides the base for a soothing neoclassical decor. But it’s at night that the onyx, lit up from the inside, takes on a new meaning within a space with a fabulously high ceiling. Fitted with mirrored glass on the outside,  the extension seems to melt into the Milanese sky; it’s quite simply magical.

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