The Anti-Magnetic Seamaster Aqua Terra Lands in Omega stores

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To pull of this grand feat, the brand surrounded itself with a team of engineers from ETA, Nivarox, FAR, Asulab, and Omega. The OMEGA Co-Axial 8508 anti-magnetic caliber came out of this collaboration. By pairing high-tech calibers with finely designed timepieces, the Seamaster Aqua Terra watch becomes a reflection of our times. It’s not just near the poles that you’ll be inundated with waves anymore. Our digital society gives us plenty to cope with in everyday life. This anti-magnetic style does away with the eternal soft iron cage previously needed to protect metallic movements that are sensitive to interference.
In order to be able to do this, Omega assembled the watch in materials that are themselves nonferrous. The movements can finally be revealed through a sapphire glass background. Its black dial, almost slightly curved, is sunray brushed starting in the center. The Seamaster signature is etched below alongside subtle vertical striations. A large striped yellow and black hand imitates the steps of time. This 41.5 mm Co-Axial timepiece made of stainless steel is set onto either a stainless style bracelet or, in a more classy version, a glazed maroon leather bracelet. With this on your wrist, you won’t even have to take off your watch to go through security anymore…

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