The Alpine A110 Is Back In Fashion With Three Distinct New Models.

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The Alpine A110 Is Back In Fashion With Three Distinct New Models.

The relationship between French manufacturing and the sports car world, recently and at the moment alike, is not necessarily fruitful. French models included in historic catalogues are rare, to say the least, but there is one car that has had unanimous support since it came out in 2017, and that’s the Alpine A110. This holiday season, the A110 is heading for its prime, before the next generation appears in 2024, maybe even 2025, whicll will be all electric.

In 2022, the Alpine A110 will have three distinct version in the sports car catalogues: the A110, the A110 GT and the A110 S, a lot simpler that the older range which comprised special editions and limited editions. As you can see on the photos, it isn’t really a case of redesigning the car as nothing has been changed from the previous versions. Essentially, it all happens under the bonnet and in the catalogue, with new specs and features.

The first version we’re looking at is the Alpine A110, which is keeping its four cylinder 1.8 liter 252 horsepower engine. Newer features are being added into the catalogue, with a Comfort Pack which comprises black leather Sabelt seats, electrically reclining, 18 inch specific rims, a Park Assist, a Focal sound system, a Sport exhaust system and Brembo brakes. This version is available starting at 59 500 euro.

Alpine 110

For the sportier amateurs who enjoy a pinch of comfort, the A110 GT, which stems from the Légende GT special series, will be your favorite. It promotes comfort and luxury with an A110-like suspension and brown leather seats. Its 4 cylinder breaches 300 horsepower whereas its torque surpasses 340 Nm. The 0 to 100 km/h climb is reported at 4.2 seconds.

Alpine A110 GT

As a series vehicle, it comes already equipped with beefy Brembo brakes, and can even come, if you put the necessary price in, with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 semi-slicks for track driving. Visible on the orange model in the pictures above and below, the aerodynamic kit, also optional, allows for a fixed spoiler and a carbon fiber front blade, as well as a retouched substructure for a 275 km/h top speed, instead of the usual 260. The price of the A110 GT starts at 65 900 euro.

Alpine A110 S

Last but not least, the third model is the Alpine A110 S, which is destined for track driving, abeit similar to the GT, as the engine and performance specs are the same. The A110 S is the only version that boasts a biton tint. It can receive full microfiber seats and has the prerequisites for installing a harness. The A110 S is equipped with a Sport chassis with more rigid settings, is four millimeters lower and has hollow roll bars. It starts at 71 500 euros.

Alpine A110 S Intérieur

A highlighted novelty regarding the cars’ insides: all of the A110s are compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The navigation system is also more modern with real-time traffic information. The engineers behind the car have also modified a few technical aspects of the car, with a mode comfortable “Normal” mode, whereas the “Sports” mode allows for a more sensitive and reactive gear shifting, with the possibility of consecutive downshifting, similar to certain supercars.

A luxurious haven, the éco-tax is reasonable enough, reported between 1172 and 2205 euros according to the 2022 prices.

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