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Upon first glance, the All Plastic Chair is immediately reminiscent – the curve, the seat, yes – this object borrows its design from a piece as universal as it is legendary: the classic wooden chair. This design object is stripped down from the piece that once toured Europe many years ago. Its designer, Jasper Morrison, is committed to injecting a certain degree of avant-garde into objects that at first seem simple. Even the name of his movement is eloquent. Alongside Naoto Fukasawa, this is the artist that brought the world “Super Normal” design.

As the industrial designer perceives it, the exercise of design should be reduced to its minimal capacity in order to be considered “good design”. This equation can be deduced from his creations what with their sober, functional, and responsible composition. That’s why Jasper Morrison is considered to be one of the most successful industrial designers of the last few decades. Each creation is imagined and produced by following the cardinal rules of durability, timelessness, and exemplary quality.

The All Plastic Chair’s story is being written today in collaboration with Vitra – a familial enterprise that has created products renowned for their longevity, quality, and powerful design for over 80 years. Founded in 1950, Vitra’s headquarters is close to Basel. Thus made in Switzerland, the All Plastic Chair is exceptional in that it unites highly perfected materials with a design that remains close to tradition. In 2017, Vitra lent its own craftsmanship to James Morrison’s creativity to bring the world a chair made of a single piece – comprised like a classic that traces the history of the innovative design of the 20th century.

The technical prowess that yields the All Plastic Chair from a flat frame allows the chair to be moulded out of a single piece of plastic. The thin surface of the seat, imagined with an organic shape that espouses the body, accompanying a firmly modeled back portion. Chiseled in high-tenacity polypropylene, the All Plastic Chair is remarkably compact and gracious, in addition to being remarkably comfortable. Thanks to a combination of different plastic materials, the seat and the back are perfectly adapted to the contours of the body, making for an innovative and practical user experience. The combination of two types of plastic also opens the door to possibilities when it comes to colors. The All Plastic Chair is available in two separate two-tone versions, with a frame that’s slightly darker than the seat and the back. 

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