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Although Gabrielle Chanel was able to wear fake pearl necklaces with distinction, since 1893, Mikimoto Kichiki has dedicated the most precious and exceptional gems to come out of the sea to us. Between tradition and design, the jewelry house offers many unique pieces, such as a jewel box that magnifies the pearl.

The most famous piece is obviously the necklace Joe DiMaggio offered to his wife Marilyn Monroe. That necklace, with a length of about 40cm, revealed a simple and crude style. The pearls, which are produced by Akoya oysters in Japan, are the most famous pearls in the world. They are well known for their intense luster and opaline brightness. The detachable clasp alone is a fanciful element: a feather-shaped piece in white gold and a ball paved with diamonds. With a combination of refinement and gentle seduction, the necklace is able to reveal the delicacy and beauty of every woman.

As a Parisian figure of excellence, the pearl is in the spotlight, displaying the grace that it both embodies and reflects. It is a symbol of happiness, purity and love; captivating and enchanting both men and women.

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