The 2017 Collection of Belvedere Vodka Summer Cocktails

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Ever since its creation in 1993, Belvedere has made cocktails that preserve the brand’s primary ambition: offering brand new and surprising tasting experiences. In its own way, Belvedere vodka animates mixology by reinterpreting it in an unexpected way with classic cocktails each summer. The idea? Offer unexpected tasting experiences to make precious convivial moments even more delightful.

For the summer season 2017, Belvedere is offering up Cocktail Time once more. These five new cocktails will be enchanting summer nights in Cannes. From May 17 to the 28th, Cocktail Time will offer a refreshing and inspired tasting experience – and this year, it’s done with natural ingredients.

First off is the color of the glass. Then comes the flavors, that often express an opera of ordinary ingredients mixed together to leave room for brand new and sweet sensations. Belvedere Thyme and Grapefruit, Belvedere Cherry and Rose, and Belvedere Cucumber and Elderflower will all be on the 2017 menu. Their bold, succulent, and unique compositions remind us that summer is the occasion to embark on new experiences!

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