Rémy Martin Louis XIII: an Amber Robe of Golden Prestige

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Born at the heart of Grande Champagne, the Louis XIII cuvée produced by Rémy Cointreau and stamped off by Rémy Martin is the most prestigious 700ml of cognac of them all. No less than 1200 spirits, aged between 40 and 100 years, as well as a century of savoir-faire are needed to create it. Only the best elements are kept during a dramatic selection that is proudly hailed by the domain’s maître de chai: “We only select Grande Champagne spirits that were primed, that have a maximum quality bonus of 10%.” The aging is done according to the purest of tradition, in tierces contained with centennial Limousin oak barrels that allow the spirits to respirate. This process allows Louis XIII’s robe to take on an intense amber note, characteristic of the intensity of its flavors. The crystal bottle that contains this exceptional cognac also comes from a rare savoir-faire. Its conception results from the synchronized blowing of glass artisans, alternating the fashioning of the crystal with their mouths to offer a choice case for this illustrious cuvée.

Five generations succeeded one another in the annals of this centaur insignia brand; all the while, the Grande Champagne countryside has shone for a century through Louis XIII cognac. This majestic cuvée what with its famed crystal bottle takes its name from the sovereign who, despite a ban in 1738, accorded an unparalleled exemption to Rémy Martin to plant new grapevines. This exemption was due to the excellence of the cognacs produced in the domain. Louis XIII cognac, created in 1874, is an homage to this gesture. The carafe also bears witness to this patrimony, inspired as it is by a flask that was found on the site of the Battle of Jarnac that took place in 1569. The container, today almost as iconic as what it contains, adds a unique flavor that is instantly detectable by the beholder of this liquor. 

Nothing could be more natural, for a vine culture that dates back almost 300 years as well as one of the most prestigious cognacs, than undergoing a few menu changes for prestigious occasions. Back in 2007, Louis XIII teamed up with Baccarat to give birth to the Louis XIII Black Pearl. With 786 numbered carafes, made from a crystal with black reflections, a black fit for a queen’s pearls, the Louis XIII Black Pearl was an exclusive edition that was even more attached to the history of kings and queens. The year 2012 was a year of discovery; a differently-aged cognac allowed Pierrette Trichet, the former maître de chai for the brand, and her adjoint to bring us the Rare Cask 43.8. Rare Cask 43.8 was named thus because of its alcohol content of 43.8 degrees, that for Pierrette Trichet “attained the point of equilibrium between alcohol content and the flavors, there was a perfect harmony.” As the vice president of a Montréal restaurant confided: “We bought it for the prestige.” The elusive nature of Louis XIII reenforces its exceptional aspects; the centennial tierce barrels have yet to reveal the entirety of their secrets. In the fall of 2009, Pierre Trichet exalted: “During a tasting, I felt the same emotion, a revelation that I had a memory of, I realized that I’d perhaps discovered a second rare Cask.” Distinguishing itself once more with its alcohol content above the usual 40%, the Rare Cask 42.6, a true diamond in the rough, presented in its carafe that mixes black crystal and rose gold, is the confirmation that in the Rémy Martin domain, the mysteries of Louis XIII remain impenetrable. Through the ages, Louis XIII cognac, just like the golden fleurs de lys of old, continues to offer exceptional moments, to the fascination of au courant consumers everywhere.

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