(Re)Discovering Glenmorangie’s The Original

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Its powerful aroma is known by lovers of single malt whiskies. Glenmorangie’s The Original envelops the nose in a vanilla aroma before softening it with the scent of citrus and ripe peaches. This bouquet opens up even further when you add a touch of water – floral notes of geranium  uncover apricot, bergamot, mandarin, eucalyptus, and ginger. On the palate, vanilla embodies the whisky’s fruity, floral, and complex character. Crunchy notes of almond, coconut, and sweet spices sign off on its elegance. Then comes the finale: the whisky’s complete aroma distilled with touches of orange and peach.

The centennial creation of this whisky in the highest stills of Scotland is what guarantees the beverage’s distinction. That’s why the Glenmorangie distillery decided to celebrate its iconic whisky for the holidays. Glenmorangie The Original is being offered in an elegant and essential box set: a box set with bursts of orange that contains a bottle of The Original 70cl and two tumblers. It’s the ideal gift to (re)discover this whisky with a remarkably round, sweet, and completely fascinating character.


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