Opinel – N°08 Chaperon

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Stamped with a crowned hand, this Opinel knife has enjoyed impeccable craftsmanship since 1890. The N°8 is the most appreciated for its daily use, as it embodies the chic and art of living à la Française.

Brand: Opinel

Product name: N°08 Chaperon

Description :

The marquetry by the art cabinetmaker Bruno Chaperon transforms the classic N°08: the mix of four different woods plays on contrasts and makes it a unique object.

The handles of Chaperon knives are made of four types of wood: wenge (Cameroon/Gabon), dos santos rosewood (Brazil), walnut (France) and ash (France). The veneers are made of maple or American walnut.

Wenge is a dark wood with a precise and refined grain that gives texture to the neck.
Rosewood is a tropical wood with brown, orange or reddish tones that add character and colour
Walnut, a dense wood with dark shades, will give contrast to the whole neck
Ash, a light and homogeneous wood, brings luminosity and enhances the marquetry work done on these knives

Equipped with an 8.5 cm stainless steel blade and a very resistant handle, it is both practical and compact. Its Virobloc® system allows the user to move and work in complete safety.

This knife can be customised.