Comte de Grasse N°44

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Nestled on the French Riviera, the Comte de Grasse innovates with a Grassois pedigree gin. Flavors, intriguing aromas and luxury; the Comte de Grasse gin offers the taste of rare plants; samphire, grapefruit, jasmin, Sichuan pepper, centifolia rose, all magnified by revolutionary distillation techniques.

Name of the Product : Comte de Grasse N°44

Brand : Comte de Grasse

Description : Comte de Grasse seeks to capture all the radiant depth of the Mediterranean in order to offer a one-way ticket to the French Riviera. N ° 44, which evokes the 44th parallel north passing not far from Grasse, is a gin expressing all the richness of the landscapes of the south of France. We thus find the azure blue of the sea in the color of the bottle, and all the typical flavors of the South when tasting. Citrus-based, we find cade, salicornia, bitter orange, maceron, verbena or even rose. Added to this are botanicals: immortelle, jasmine, lavender, mimosa, grapefruit and Sichuan pepper.