Cinéma et peinture Réédition

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Cinema feeds on painting, and the relationship, which is very little studied, is studied here in an exhaustive and interesting way! Many filmmakers whose techniques and visual frameworks are revealed here through the paintings of masters who inspired their perspective… sometimes in ways that are anything but suspect!

Author: Joëlle Moulin

Publishing House: Citadelles & Mazenod

Publication Date: 25 September 2019

Description : What if the magic of cinema was linked to painting? To the paintings that the director sometimes revisits before putting his script into images, to the works of art or pictorial atmospheres that impose themselves on the spectator when watching certain films.

This book was born from these crossed glances between the seventh art and painting, where the filmic image hides or reveals a pictorial image.

In this exercise, almost all the great cinematographic currents have distinguished themselves because many directors have developed, consciously or not, an aesthetic in affinity with the silent and immobile art that is painting.

From the Lumière brothers to David Lynch, a fascinating study of the fertile relationship between painting and cinema.

“The relationships between these two arts are thus deciphered, and one will admire in particular the developments on German expressionism, the different visions of Van Gogh (in PIalat, Minnelli and Kurosawa) or the presence of the American painter Edward Hopper in some filmmakers – in particular Hitchcock, who is often quoted in this book as refined as it is informative.” Baptiste Liger, L’Express.