Pharrell Williams Men’s Creative Director Of Louis Vuitton

Pharrell Williams Men’s Creative Director Of Louis Vuitton

Appointed Creative Director of Louis Vuitton menswear, replacing the late Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams has imposed his style and vision through more than iconic collaborations !

Pharrell Williams Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton : Major Artistic Figure

Since his appearance on the music scene at the dawn of the 90s with the Neptunes, Pharrell Williams has established himself as a taste-maker in both fashion and music.

In music, Pharrell Williams stands out as an artist. His style – a mix of dandy and hip hop figurehead – has propelled many of his red carpet appearances to the forefront of his community. On the music side, the songs and collaborations where Pharrell Williams’ signature appears are very often international hits… Until they reach the rank of absolute hits !

A true central figure of contemporary culture, Pharrell Williams will bring to Louis Vuitton his inspired style, and his golden-touch… What to expect, also, collaborations with universes until now little seen at Louis Vuitton Menswear.

Pharrell Williams And Fashion…

Pharrell Williams as artistic director of Louis Vuitton makes sense when you consider the cultural and stylistic impact of Pharrell Williams. Now known as the male face of Chanel, Pharrell Williams enters the fashion world for the first time with his friend Nigo. The latter, currently artistic director of the house Kenzo, founded with Pharrell Williams the brand Billionaire Boys Club, whose logo is an astronaut.

But it was in 2006 that a first fruitful collaboration with Louis Vuitton brought Pharrell Williams to the forefront of the luxury scene. By imagining the sunglasses called “Millionaires” Pharrell Williams injects his bling vision in a pair of sunglasses called to make the taste of their time.

And this is only the beginning. The serial-collaborator that is Pharrell Williams will again collaborate with the house Moncler, but especially with Adidas. In 2014, he imagined a customized version of the mythical Stan Smith … Before playing the instigator and put in relation Chanel and Adidas around a super limited edition of 500 Stan Smith then sold exclusively at Colette, temple of the hype!

For Chanel, Pharrell Williams will go even further and will unveil a capsule collection that will make a date. These were the first openly masculine pieces imagined by the house on Rue Cambon. Pharrell Williams, him, definitely anchors his colorful and unexpected style in sweatshirts, fanny packs and oversized jewelry signed Chanel.

In 2014, again, it is with Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons that he imagined a perfume bearing the name of his second album G.I.R.L… In 2022, Pharrell Williams surprised the audience of the Kenzo fashion show with a pair of glasses with a look as chic as it is crazy – a pair of glasses that he made in collaboration with Tiffany’s.

And it is precisely this mix of genres that has earned him the appointment as artistic director of Louis Vuitton Homme. A style embodied, perhaps even more iconically, with this appearance of Pharrell Williams from 2015… A Vivienne Westwood hat on his head, which became his signature. Flagship cultural image of the time !

Designated the best dressed man in the world, crowned with the Fashion Icon Award in 2015, Pharell Williams oscillates between elegance, streetwear and casualness!

As for the source of his inspirations, it is he who details it best… ” When I was in school, we would watch A Tribe Called Quest or De la Soul, and they would wear leather medallions, back in the day with Air Maxes. All these interesting schools of thought relate to our experiences as African-Americans,” said the current artistic director of Louis Vuitton Menswear.

Pharrell Williams And The Music : Rain of Iconic Tubes

Pharrell Williams is also behind the sounds and music of our time. Holder of 13 Grammy Awards, Phrarell Williams’ musical style is as versatile as it is powerful. From Snoop Dogg with Beautiful, Kelis with Milkshake, Hot in Here with Nelly to I’m Slave 4 You for Britney Spears, A$AP Rocky, Arianna Grande, Daft Punk with Get Lucky or Happy for himself. We no longer count his magical collaborations with Jay-Z and Doctor Dre, Kendrick Lamat and Frank Ocean…

It is likely that many music that are looped on the radios and in the heads are closely or remotely related to Pharrell Williams.

The Pharrell Touch is likely to take Louis Vuitton Homme to aesthetic heights of great interest. Capable of originality without losing his footing, Pharrell Williams finds his place in the cultural panorama, as a musical and fashion style icon!
See you in June for Pharrell Williams’ first collection for LV Menswear.

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