Orange Is The Color Hermès

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Orange Is The Color Hermès

It is a particular color, refined and therefore captivating. The orange color is the hallmark of the Hermès house.

Chocolate And Hermès

Initially was brown. Yes, few people know this but Emile-Maurice Hermès had in fact chosen this shade to make it the sign of distinction from the Hermès house.

By coloring the boxes that contain the newly acquired pieces with this chocolate brown, Hermès was gradually being associated with this color. But now the Second World War and the Occupation of Paris will decide otherwise.

Like many sectors, fashion is hampered, sometimes censored. Many goods have become difficult if not impossible to obtain.

With this shortage, Hermès house could not get their hands on this brown shade. And frankly, no dye was available. The only one that is not out of stock is an orange tint dye.

The restriction period ended, Hermès confirmed the shot – the initial brown was abandoned, and this dapper orange would become the visual signature of the house. With the Duke Attele and his exquisite work in leather and silk, Hermès now had effective and precise codes!

When Orange Became The Hermès Color

The color orange had taken place, becoming an integral part of the identity of the house – we are talking today about the Orange Hermès. Symbol of serenity, wisdom and joie de vivre. The orange boxes themselves are the object of fantasy!

The concept of inheritance and values ​​are indeed very expensive at home. While remaining faithful to the fundamentals, accepting the course of fate, Hermès has undoubtedly imposed itself, advocating as standard a shade that now symbolizes ultimate refinement.