Your Festival of American Film… in Paris! Discover The Icon-Icon Newsletter, For Living Luxury Icons…

Your Festival of American Film… in Paris! Discover The Icon-Icon Newsletter, For Living Luxury Icons…

Your Festival of American Film… in Paris! Discover The Icon-Icon Newsletter, For Living Luxury Icons…

Fashion, accessories, palaces, gastronomy, jewellry… The first Icon-Icon Newsletter to invite you, this week, to view real icons… Deauville American Film Festival! In the pick-and-choose spirit, for people of different preferences.

Until 12 September, Deauville Deauville will become the screen for one of the most admired festivals in the world – the Deauville American Film Festival and its 47th edition!

Icon-Icon proposes the occasion to invite you and see close real luxe icons that have always united fashion, ‘art de vivre’, and cinema! And since Deauville is known for being the 21st arrondissement of Paris, it is in the city of Light that Icon-Icon anchors Living Luxury Icons event.

To Begin With Deauville.

The city of chic and pleasures, the city beloved by the Duke of Morny in the XIX century, became in 1975 the epicenter of American cinema in France —Deauville is a city of cinematography, with an overwhelming charm! Isn’t it on this beach that Claude Lelouch charmed the world with the film ‘A Man and A Woman’, and his laconic but incredible ballad shot on the beach of Deauville?

Isn’t it in this city of art and aesthetics that inspired Coco Chanel to wear marine stripes and made it the epitome of French style? The symbol of Deauville became Jean Paul Gaultier; in the historic shop of the couturier, he made the marine stripe the ideal canvas for his explorations.


Deauville is an Inspiring City

Beginning from Coco Chanel. On the beaches caressed by the sea, Coco Chanel draws, among other things, its legendary beige. The house of Chanel now shares a precious history with American cinema. Already in Coco’s time, the house of the two C’s was called to Hollywood, by MGM, to make the costumes for many films. “It is through cinema that fashion can be imposed today,” said Coco Chanel in the Revue du Cinéma in 1931.

What is delivered from this relationship is understood in the infinitely sumptuous silhouettes and dazzling jewels that are shown on the red carpet… On the shoulders of the greatest actresses! And it is in Paris, at rue Cambon, that Icon-Icon invites you to find references to its silhouettes specially prepared for the American big screen. Curly tweed clothing, legendary tailoring, beads, lace, and endless dresses that drag majestically. In the Fall / Winter 2021 collection, we spot the influences of the outfits seen on Gloria Swanson, Romy Schneider, or in the films of Coppola, or Woody Allen!

Willing to allow our readers to dive into the luxe, like the one of Art Total, Icon-Icon invites you to celebrate the American Film Festival in the light of the places that have sparkled the cinematographic plots, but also and above all to follow the footsteps of the iconic characters of this great history of American cinema.

A history where the fates of actresses, directors, young actors, and… finally, France and the United States meet altogether. To follow the footsteps of the Divine Sarah Bernhardt for example is to understand this intimate and fruitful melange.

The first French actress who went to the United States; she was discovered by the Duke of Morny at the age of 15… Sarah Bernhardt would become one of the first great actresses, known and admired all over the world — working closely with the pioneers of Haute Couture that are Worth and Doucet … Showing her beautiful creativity in the creations that she commissioned the jeweler Boucheron.

When in 1905 she agreed to star in one of the first films in the history of cinema, Sarah Bernhardt literally launched the vogue of cinema! So, Icon-Icon invites you to stroll through the heart of the Boucheron shop on Place Vendôme to discover this unbreakable link between the actresses, Boucheron, and the aura of her jewels and diamonds. Keep in mind that to find the inspiration, it would be right to have the phenomenal headdress, pricked with 317 diamonds, expressly cut by Lalique for the one who was deftly nicknamed The Divine.

But let’s go back to the Deauville American Film Festival.

Having introduced the concept of “homages”, some actors of the American cinema take part in this procession of stars hitting the red carpet in Deauville every year… Gregory Peck and Harrison Ford, De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Sharon Stone, Kirk Douglas, as well as Al Pacino, George Clooney, Marlon Brando, and Elizabeth Taylor.

Elizabeth Taylor… Her colossal impact on the history of American cinema and her taste for diamonds are renowned around the globe! Icon-Icon recommends also following this track record in the heart of Cartier, on the Place Vendôme.  We may wander with the legend about Taylor-Burton by Cartier produced in voice-over. Here it is! A bit of the history of Haute Jewellery that continues its unimaginable history on Hollywood stars’ necks seen through a necklace of rubies, diamonds, and pearls…

In 1969, Richard Burton acquires, for Liz Taylor, a diamond in a form of a pear, weighing 69,42 carats, which has been bought by Cartier for more than a million dollars… Elizabeth Then, Taylor fastened it in her necklace by Cartier! The couple behind the frenzy for the bracelet Love by Cartier has a long story to do with the jeweler. 

In addition to achieving all the trophies of the American Film Festival until 2020, the Maison Cartier immortalized this partnership with the Cartier Revelation Prize.

A short walk from there, along Castiglione Street, just like a movie star… You may find the boutique Meyrowitz or the know-how behind the glasses of stars! The iconic model Manhattan with her American look includes closed eyes.

On the Place Vendome, it is the Ritz that is closely related to the American film. The palace, where the Americans started the fashion for cocktails during prohibition, was the place for the production of films as stunning as “Love In The Afternoon”, with Gary Grant and Audrey Hepburn, or “The Da Vinci Code”. We also appear in a mystic the Ritz’s bar to taste the spirits by Colin Peter Field… The Serenpidity or maybe the Bloody Mary, the cocktail born in this very place.

In the morning this week, we will come to the Ritz to savor the madeleine cakes in the Salon Proust which are delicately prepared by the Pastry Chef, François Perret, just to have a break in the chic bliss of the Ritz without a thought about time. But you will also grab a quick bite to eat after making an order at the Counter of the Ritz. Hoping that it will take us to…

To the footprints of the film director, Orson Welles, this time an actor! We run down to the palace Le Meurice — just like in the film of 1966, Is Paris Burning?

We take some time here to taste the signature dishes by Amaury Bouhours in the 2-star Le Meurice Alain Ducasse… The Oysters Princesse by Kermancy, the Sea Beam by Noirmoutier! Enough to inspire the air of Deauville in the center of chic Paris! For greedy esthetes, we will taste the fabulous but not complex pastry by Cédric Grolet in the palace hotel.

While there, why not opt for the Jumping Boots Hermès? An iconic boot that will also echo the equestrian spirit that has already become Deauville’s legend! Let’s also take time to admire the novel cinematographic showcases at the historical address of Hermès 24, Faubourg Saint Honoré.

Now for real onlookers, we go on into the atmosphere of another great couturier o Paris but from Hollywood to Plaza Athénée! To be more precise, to the bar of the palace, which inspired Christian Dior, his iconic Tailleur Bar – Dior who clothed Grace Kelly for the number of films by Alfred Hitchcock… If the bar changed its image in the course of time being redesigned by Jouin Manku, who retained its exquisite beauty and the same elegance distilled in craft cocktails! The real spirit of the Haute Couture lives here.

This Living Luxury Icons program will allow you to come over, by your own experience, the favored bonds forged among fashion, “art de vivre”, and films over the decades. The reciprocal fascination that lives in the Deauville American Films Festival. It does not matter whether you are in Paris or near it in the resort on the Norman coast!