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Founded at 12 Vendome Square, Chaumet quickly began to represent high-end Parisian jewellery. The foundation of the iconic “Maison” shares links with France’s history, almost coinciding with Napoleon’s arrival to power – from then on the precious art of jewellery had a high-profile admirer in the figure of the Empress Joséphine. It must be said that Chaumet’s expertise can bring out the beauty of nature with extraordinary skill. Slender stalks, voluminous lilies, light leaves, wild plants… Nature is celebrated here through extraordinary skill which is focused on creating charming pieces. Through moving beyond the tension between nature and culture, the Chaumet workshops were able to combine the most extreme wild inspirations with refinement! This is a naturalism which is at the very foundation of high-end jewellery. 

Since its foundation, Chaumet has offered us the marvellous vision of a free, generous natural world! The workshops at Vendome Square have in this way developed an unequalled skill – virtuosity capable of tracing the fabulous history of the natural world through subtle, precious pieces. A bountiful and endless source of inspiration, the natural world anchors Chaumet in a union with the past, present and future. The designers have always chosen garden plants, but also woodland and fields… laurels, wheat, oak trees and lilies are prized assets of the company. The master craftspeople then translate the grace of these symbols with their extraordinarily sophisticated jewellery. 

The natural world loans their designs, its colours and complexities to Chaumet’s fine jewellery. A symbolic garden where different elements agree with one another… A freshly cut branch is brought to life with a tied ribbon. A simple ear of wheat is transformed into a polished gold ring, encrusted with brilliant diamonds… Ivy becomes a bracelet with leaves covered in enamel, diamonds and fine baroque pearls – a creation which dates back to 1847. And it is through transmitting the trademark Chaumet excellence from one master craftsman to another for more than 230 years that the Maison is in a position to raise a simple plant to the status of a jewel… A marvellous story, eminently iconic! 

Nature by Chaumet

2018: For the first time, Chaumet take part in an exhibition in Tokyo for the “The World of Chaumet” in which the ear of wheat is predominant, as seen with the ear of wheat tiara

2018: The designers put forward the “Épi de Blé” ring available in 40 different versions.

2018: Chaumet launch the Youtube video campaign “Summer Spirit”, with videos focusing on the elements: such as wind, water, and sun.

2018: Chaumet revisit the “Bee My Love” collection, with Hannah Quinlivan featuring as a model. 

2018: In its latest experiment Chaumet aims to explore the natural charms of Africa, incorporating animals such as fish.

2017: The “Gaité Parisienne” collection features many pieces which present a link to nature and the elements. 

2017: Chaumet invites students to submit designs for a “tiara of the 21st century” – many of which incorporate nature symbols such as blossoming flowers and leaves. 

2016: Chaumet launches its “Nature de Chaumet” campaign which features an array of wild plants and unique nature oriented designs. 

2016: Chaumet produces an iconic piece with the “Offrandes d’été” ring, set with a pear-shaped diamond.

2016: Natacha Régnier wears the Hortensia earing collection on the red carpet at the 69th Cannes’ Film Festival.

2016: Bérénice Béjo walks the red carpet at Cannes’ Film Festival wearing a bracelet and earrings from the “Lumiéres d’Eau” collection.

2016: Rebecca Hall graces the 69th Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet sporting Hortensia earrings.

2016: Michelle Yeoh wears a ring, a bracelet and a necklace from the “Lumières d’Eau” collection at the 69th Cannes’ Film Festival.

2016: Alice Isaaz lit up the red carpet at the 69th Cannes’ Film Festival with earing and a bracelet from the Hortensia “Aube Rosée” collection. 

2016: Chaumet launch the Hortensia collection entitled “Voie Lactée”, featuring a range of nature oriented pieces. 

2015: Chaumet open an Ephemeral Museum under the name of “Bucolique Promenade”, featuring an array of naturistic designs and pieces.

2015: Chaumet release a new line with the “Épi de Blé” (Ear of Wheat) as its centrepiece. It includes marvellous rings, necklaces and bracelets.

2015: Chaumet launches a new “Hortensia” collection. 

2015: Chaumet produce a magnificent “Épi de Blé” brooch in limited-edition, available in yellow gold set with diamonds.

2015: Hannah Quinlivan is decorated in extravagant Chaumet pieces for her 2015 wedding in Taipei.

2011: A new “Bee My Love” collection is put forward. 

1970: Chaumet produces an iconic naturistic design with their timeless heat clip on earrings and earrings in rubies and diamonds.

1915: Chaumet continue to improve their nature designs, sketching a new wheat tiara.

1909: The Maison produces another tiara piece, with their pair of wheat and reed brooches, which could be worn as a tiara.

1890: The designers produce a sketch for a wheat and poppy necklace, incorporating the natural world at the centre of their vision.

1812: The house of the Chaumet master craftspeople at 12 Vendome Square, in Paris, is purchased by Francois-Regnault Nitot, son of the Chaumet’s founder. 

1811: Chaumet use the ear of wheat design for the first time with the unique tiara created for Empress Marie Louise.

1780: The Parisian jewellery icon Chaumet is founded.

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