Maison Avani: A New Boutique of High Gemology at March Saint-Honor

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Maison Avani: A New Boutique of High Gemology at March Saint-Honor

Avani, the family jewelry expert in sublimation of the shimmering shades of sapphire, celebrates the opening of a new Parisian shop ! An address dedicated to putting under the spot high gemology…

Maison Avani: Sapphires of Ceylon At the Saint-Honor Market

If Avani jewelry can boast of magnifying stones, especially sapphires like no other house—it is because its expertise is passed down from generation to generation. And the current master of this know-how-to-sublimate gems, Milan Ponweera, can testify As a child, it is by playing with the gems left by his uncle in the heart of the Sri Lankan mine that he first wonders in front of these gifts from nature.

It is there too that he learns how to distinguish what makes an exceptional sapphire: a stone whose shades of blue become worthy to be part of an Avani creations.

Here is one of the singularities of the Avani House: to offer custom made singular jewelry creations, they are gemmologist above all, from exceptional stones!

Before opening this new boutique at 19 Place du March Saint-Honor , Milan Ponweera first put its expertise at the service of the great jewelers of the Place Vend me. The epicenter of the world’s jewelry was then mainly supplied with sapphires from the young man. In 2022, he shares all his love of stones and his expertise in the field in a shop-workshop that, from floor to ceiling, is designed to magnify the experience of precious stones !

19 Place Du March Saint-Honor : Discovering the Sapphires of Ceylon

he new address of the house Avani is thus thought of as a place dedicated to the discovery of the high gemology. In order to do this, the place was designed to bring out the magnificence of these stones sought after since the beginning of time. Starting with the revelation of their extraordinary features, through natural light.

The shop opens onto an inner courtyard — an architecture that invites light to awaken the stones of the house.

jewelry Paris Avani

It is then in the sets of materials of the furniture that the beautiful takes precedence in the encounter of the brass textile in a spirit of a sleek art deco.

The Avani House describes like made to be comfortable, the armchairs and benches invite you to take your time in a peaceful atmosphere bathed in sapphire blue, an essential signature combined with gold and cream hues. Testimony of the house’s attachment to the history of those who preceded it, an intriguing witch mirror recalls those formerly used by goldsmiths. On the walls, the symbols of Parisian life are united with the Sri Lankan roots of the brand in a monochrome fresco created by artist Octave Marsal, whose sketches also enliven the silk squares of a famous Parisian house.”

jewelry Paris Avani

As Avani masters every step of its creation, from extraction to the realization of the jewel, the house offers directly to its customers exceptional stones, and as many tailor-made jewels on which to put the gems on. And there is more :

the extraordinary Sapphires of Ceylon are to be seen and earned !

jewelry Paris Avani

And it is still Avani that explains the best the superb of the house:” Royal stone by definition, desired since antiquity and then by the aristocracy, the sapphire is the jewel of the gems of Maison Avani whose family origins are intimately linked to those of the mythical stone. The sapphire of Ceylon is inextricable from its island already named gem island by Marco Polo before taking the name of Sri Lanka (from the Sanskrit wealthy island) in 1972. Still today Ratnapura, the city of gems, is the beating heart of the global sapphire market. Ceylon Sapphires are distinguished by their cobalt blue and lighter hues than other sapphire-producing regions.”

For generations, Avani has been sailing from land to land to respectfully collect the most stunning gems and has been able to gather, in this boutique dedicated to the high gemology, other gemstones will put one’s senses and heads upside down.

Among them, the aesthetes will discover spinels and tsavorites from Tanzania, with magnetic appeal. The intensity of emerald: from fine stones to shades that come close to the one f the ruby, including the wonderful red spinel!

As a matter of fact, Avani wants to give its customers the opportunity to get a closer look at the magic of these stones. Therefore, it offers to see for the first time in the open, one of its most beautiful creations.

jewelry Paris Avani

This is the crown jewel of the house: a 21-carat red spinel from Tanzania, cut into a cushion. A stone without common measure, mounted on a cocktail ring paved with diamonds! Its name? Red Vendôme.

This is what you will find in the heart of the new boutique at 19 place du March Saint Honore… Exceptional jewelry cut for everyday use, or to become a memory of moments of grace. Avani home jewelry has the elegance to be transmitted with joy, and emotion!