Land Rover Reveals The Fifth Generation Of Its Iconic Range Rover Line

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Land Rover Reveals The Fifth Generation Of Its Iconic Range Rover Line

A monument of its own within the Land Rover range, nearly at the same title as the Defender, the Range Rover treats itself to a fifth generation which somewhat redefines the codes of luxury and prestige; contrary to its competitors’ shows of extravagance, the Range Rover professes purity with an all around conservative style.

As you can surely notice, at the front, this new generation resembles the previous one on many aspects. At the back, however, this changes with the arrival of refined optics and a more technologically centered light signature; this new design adopts a technology composed of a million micro-mirrors in the front-facing optics that are capable of identifying up to sixteen different objects simoultaneously.

5.05 meters long, the short version (SWB) presented in the pictures boasts a Cx record for Range Rover, with an astounding measure of 0.30, a sizeable show of strength for such an impressive model. The car will also dispose of a long wheelbase version (LWB) characterised by a back side door and a 20 centimeter longer wheelbase for a total length of 5.25 meters.

Once again, contrary to its competitors, the Range Rover isn’t too keen on screens; we can find two of them: one 13.7 inch screen which faces the driver and a second 13.4 inch touchscreen model, placed at the center of the dashboard. Right below this one, a new physical interface was kept for air conditioning. Right by the door trims is an obvious hint at the luxury hotel universe, under the form of a touchscreen command panel dedicated to ambient lighting and the side shutters, courtesy of the manufacturer’s designers.

At the back, a high level og hospitality is offered to the passengers, with three more-than-comfortable seats, even more so when they are separated by the car’s giant armrests, which are electrically deployed. The club table will probably remind you of the one aboard your private jet. For family trips, the long (LWB) version will be made available with 7 seats in total. However, don’t expect basic foldable seats, rather real comfortable seats tucked away in the trunk thanks to an electrically automated system, with 86.4 cm of comfortable leg room and a 25 degree reclining system, to match the fixed back seats.

As any new model nowadays, the new Range Rover is equipped with troves of driving assists, with its all-wheel steering, an arsenal of cameras providing a 360 degree view and a plethora of other features that elevate the car to a level 2 autonomous drive rank.

In regards to engine specifications, at the time at which we are writing this article, there will be two six cylinder 3.0 liter 250 and 350 horsepower diesels, a well as one hefty 4.4 liter bi-turbo V8 borrowed from BMW at an impressive 530 horsepower. in 2023, two hybridised versions will complete the range. Baptised P440e and P510e, they will dispose of a 100 kilometer operating life in full electric mode. Then, in 2024, Rang Rover will take the monumental leap into the realm of fully electric vehicles.

In regards to the French market, the brand is already takinf orders, set to be delivered next spring; the price range is between 122 600 and 173 700 euros.

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