The Artcurial Sale Of The Jeanne Moreau Collection

The Artcurial Sale Of The Jeanne Moreau Collection

From October 16 to 22, 2020, the Artcurial house is organizing an event sale – that of the Jeanne Moreau collection. An immense collection, with images of the icon taken by the most famous photographers of our time, as well as high-stitched pieces specially cut for the actress. The digital sale ensures to disperse a myriad of exceptional objects!

Jeanne Moreau’s electrifying beauty and talent have not only shone in the most cult films of modern cinema. From the mythical Jules and Jim by François Truffaut, to the masterpieces that are La Baie des Anges by Jacques Demy, Diary of a chambermaid by Luis Buñuel, through The bride was in black, again by François Truffaut … Jeanne Moreau has frozen in memory the brilliance of a personality, and an eminently elegant acting.

This dazzling incarnation of the modern woman, Jeanne Moreau has often supported it with a very dazzling folded mesh.

These pieces, sometimes cut by genius couturiers for Jeanne Moreau, are today at the heart of Artcurial’s sales catalog.

Jeanne Moreau, Fashion and The Dressmakers

If there is a couturier whose history is intrinsically linked to that of Jeanne Moreau, it is obviously Pierre Cardin. A passionate relationship whose love has given rise to certain flamboyant pieces now offered for sale by Artcurial.

Pieces whose modernity the public immediately recognized in Jacques Demy’s La Baie des Anges. Or in The Diary of a Chambermaid by Luis Buñuel.


Thus, 17 of the Pierre Cardin pieces worn by Jeanne Moreau in life or on the red carpet will be auctioned from October 16 on their site.

Jeanne Moreau conquered the heart of another great seamstress – Coco Chanel! who found in her more than an ambassador, a real accomplice thanks to their common points including their freedom of tone and the chic approach of allure. Chanel has dressed Jeanne Moreau on more than one occasion. 

Chanel Haute Couture, Circa 1960 ©Art Curial

The first costumes made by Coco Chanel for the film Les Amants de Louis Malle (1958) were the beginning of a fusion relationship between the actress and the house.

Artcurial notably offers for sale a set in black velvet and ivory satin designed by Karl Lagerfeld for Jeanne Moreau but also clothes made by the most inspired of the great couturiers – Yves Saint Laurent.

Yves Saint Laurent Haute Couture circa 1990/1995 ©Art Curial

Among the YSL Couture and YSL Rive Gauche pieces, all the attention will be paid to the coat and dress set in gold lamé; the panther chiffon coat, the A-line dress in black lace and sequins and… the furs you won’t know where to look!

Worn for the Oscars, the Césars or even for The Venice Mostra – these pieces have accompanied Jeanne Moreau in her roles and in life. Hermès , Goyard, Alaïa, Kenzo, Cartier… This online auction perfectly illustrates the style and taste of Jeanne Moreau, from her dressing room, to portraits, because the sale also offers photos freezing the actress under the lens of the most famous photographers of our time!

Jeanne Moreau Under The Eye Of Iconic Photographers

Cecil Beaton, Helmut Newton or even Peter Lindbergh. Many photographers have taken the elegance of the actress as their subject.

In an often refined style to better let emerge the grace and the chic of its madly inspiring allure, these photos are rare enough to underline the event that is their presence in the catalog of this Artcurial sale.

Helmut Newton Jeanne Moreau, circa 1980 ©Art Curial

Among the portraits we will find two vintage silver prints of Jeanne Moreau by Helmut Newton around 1980, but also three silver prints signed Brigitte Lacombe, in 1996.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Jeanne Moreau 1978 ©Art Curial

But also, a very mischievous photograph by Slim Arrons, taken in 1970 or even a radiant and smiling Jeanne Moreau captured by the decisive eye of Henri Cartier-Bresson… Portrait accompanied by the word “for Jeanne Moreau, with my friendly memory. “

So many memories of the life of this icon will be scattered during this sale which promises to be great!

This sale, 100% digital for the benefit of the Jeanne Moreau Foundation, will take place at the same time as the exhibition at Artcurial Paris.
Beginning on October 16 at noon, it will end on October 22, 2020.

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