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Created in 1843 by Johann Joseph Krug, who first instilled this champagne with its dynamic, Krug quickly imposed itself as a leader in its field. Its participation in the 1900 Universal Exposition allowed it to position itself among the greatest Champagne manufacturers, not least of all because it won first prize. Sold to Rémy Martin in the 70s, it landed in LVMH’s lap in 1999, but still holds onto Krug’s telltale winemaking techniques. Draconian respect for the rules – even after 6 generations – allows them to create works of art. Indeed, Krug champagne was born from the desire to create a champagne with extraordinary and consistent taste, which didn’t exist at the time. To define Krug’s style, current director Olivier Krug affirms that he “calls to mind all the characteristics of a great wine, rich in flavors, it’s complex, it’s prolong, it’s profound”. And so, this champagne – a balance between the strength of a great wine and the beauty of a great champagne – naturally pairs itself with the most refined of cuisines.

Krug Rosé follows the same path as the renowned Krug Grande Cuvée, with the ever renewed ambition to transcend the notion of vintage. It rises to the challenge of being both delicate and subtle, all while offering an aromatic palette that’s unheard of in its depth. A demanding selection of different three-grape wines, taken from several harvests as well as a Pinot noir macerated while conserving the peels gives it a unique color and texture for a rosé champagne. This champagne’s excellence is due to its respect for the “pillars” defined by the brand. Take for example the very precise selection of grapes, or the particular winemaking process that uses small traditional oak barrels that allow for a mysterious exchange between the wine and oxygen. But it’s the combination of vineyards and vintage years that give Krug champagne the extra edge and allow it to avoid being confined to a specific vintage appellation or specialty, since its Grande Cuvée still isn’t dated.

Krug Rosé has inscribed itself in this savoir-faire that allows it to express its difference, its exceptionality. These qualities translate into fine and regular bubbles as well as an exceptional copper tone. Krug may not commercialize their champagnes until five years after the initial bottling, but this Rosé is ready for tasting, solo or accompanied by spicy dishes and desserts or festive meals Christmas holidays approaching slowly. There’s no doubt that the freshness, finesse, and character of this champagne will bring out legions of Krug Lovers – fans who practically worship the brand – and other lovers of champagne. And for those who may never have had the chance to taste a Krug champagne, the first glass could very well be a “Revelation”, to cite Olivier Krug himself, as its rich, elegant, and intense style never fails to leave an impression on its drinker.

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