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2004 was a year of patience – a cold winter and a vibrant spring gave France’s Champagne region low temperatures for longer than usual. When May finally arrived, a soft warmth took over at Krug. Their grapes were able to ripen in ideal conditions beneath a radiant sun – 2004 was indeed a special year. The abundant grape harvests were ideal, with the grapes benefitting from a more pronounced character than any other year. Nature, in all its randomness, gave the world an exceptional wine – and today, Krug Grande Cuvée 2004 is finally available.

Created every year since the brand’s founding in 1843, Krug Grande Cuvée is the symbol of Krug’s passion for excellence. Eric Lebel, Krug’s chef de caves, is an eyewitness to the majesty of 2004: “That year’s wines are expressive, luminous, and have an undeniable elegance all at once. The vivacity, liveliness, and citrus notes of the champagne grapes as well as the bright burst of the chardonnays combine with the solid structure of pinots noirs to form a very balanced palette.” Krug is indeed unequalled when its comes to respecting a vineyard’s personality – the individuality of each plot, each of vine, comes from an identification made by Eric Lebel. In 2004, the virtuoso gave life to an elegant composition where bright chardonnays (39%) and solid pinots noirs (37%) enjoy the citrus notes of the champagne grapes (24%).

But Krug’s 2004 bouquet reveals even more powerful notes, evoking the tartness of lemon meringue, plums, and mirabelle plums. In the mouth, light notes of brioche and honey give way to an array of fresh citruses perfected by an elegant finale. “With its freshness, its brilliance, and its citrus notes, Krug 2004 pairs marvelously with sea urchins, a salmon tartare, or caviar,” highlights Eric Lebel. “It would also go very well with a cod with olive oil and lemon sauce, a sole meunière, or Thai dishes with ginger and lemongrass. This is typically the type of fine pairing that pays homage to the vivacity of champagne.” Composed to be a pleasure for the senses, Krug 2004 champagne is undeniably the ultimate opus of the brand’s second trilogy, following Krug 1988, Drug 1989, and Krug 1990.

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