Jungkook BTS Next Generation Icon

Jungkook BTS Next Generation Icon

Jungkook of BTS is the absolute icon of a new generation. Singer, dancer, composer and member of the South Korean K-Pop group BTS, Jungkook has established himself as a key figure on the contemporary scene.

Jungkook BTS Next Generation Icon

When in 2019, BTS as a group was chosen as ambassadors of the French house Louis Vuitton – the fashion world understands the power of evocation of Jungkook, this new icon with a new generation. Member of BTS – a group that sets new standards in terms of audience and fashion – Jungkook has thus imposed his style and his face on the top of fashion.

Known for his very personal style, Jungkook does not hesitate to appear wearing labels like Off-White, Dior, Saint Laurent, or Givenchy! Considered one of the most influential members of the K-Pop group BTS, Jungkook is not only a daring artist, but also a fashion icon…

On his wrist, we notice some of the most sought-after watches. Watches from Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet!

A unique style and a charismatic personality which earned him to attract the attention of a whole new public to the creations of the great French and international houses.

Virgil Abloh, the late artistic director of Louis Vuitton Men, declared in an interview that Jungkook was one of his favorite artists; and that he particularly liked the way he wore his clothes!

Jungkook is also involved in the design of the outfits for the concerts and the live of the group BTS…

His bold stage outfits, meanwhile, are both functional and artistic — enough to inspire a generation of designers. His unique and avant-garde style has influenced generations of music and fashion fans – once again demonstrating the porosity of these two fields!

Jungkook has also just been named the face of Calvin Klein in March 2023.

With his unique style, distinctive voice, and unparalleled dancing skill, Jungkook has become one of the most influential artists in Korean and international pop music.

Calvin Klein’s Director of International Marketing, Jonathan Bottomley, said, “Jungkook is one of the most popular artists in the world; he possesses a rare ability to connect with international audiences through both his music and his style.”

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