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With the Donna Summer track Bad Girls playing, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s women seemed to celebrate elegance, fun, and style on the ski slopes. Jean-Paul Gaultier himself is playing with the  entire category: “Even skiing, perched on feather boots, you can be glamorous and dignified.” His Fall/Winter 2017 couture collection celebrates winter sports and everything to do with a light, bundled up, and sublime woman. By taking more than one piece from this realm, Jean-Paul Gaultier brings style on the snowy peaks back to life with all the humor he’s known for. A Christmas sweater with a snowflake motif becomes chic with a belted waist, Gaultier’s signature, while the after-ski piece becomes a pair of divine boots made entirely of fur.

But the brand never does literal reinterpretations of these themes. Indian influences can also be found in the collection, with monochrome and elegant saris on the menu. But Jean-Paul Gaultier cements his couture declaration in a piece worn by the captivating Anna Cleveland. By using gold and silver textures on the brand’s iconic codes – namely stripes – the couturier is perfecting his young legacy that’s both urban and out-of-this-world. This is such an inspired dimension of couture that it could only put Jean-Paul Gaultier in the hall of fame of this century’s couturiers.

With the front row counting Catherine Deneuve, Amanda Lear, and Tonie Marshall in attendance, the couturier’s irreverent spirit is expressed on pieces that are seldom used in haute couture, since ordinary life so seldom inspires creative types. But Gaultier makes the familiar marvelous. This multi-layered piece demonstrates all the insouciance, talent, and laid-back attitude that the couturier bears witness to as he expresses his vision of couture for Fall/Winter 2017.

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