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Iconic Heels: Must-have stilettos

Unfazed by fashion trend and time and growing even more desirable with each season – here are iconic heels which defy time, fashion and style changes!

Some heels have the power to transcend the person wearing them. But you still have to choose among the most iconic – and for this, Icon-Icon has selected the must-have stilettos to own in your closet. Those who, with a kick of the heel, propel the wearer at the highest level of chic… And cool!

As a matter of fact… “A woman with good shoes is never ugly” liked to say Coco Chanel. In 1957, Chanel collaborated closely with the Massaro shoemaker to create the brand’s emblematic shoe. “The black, slightly square toe shortened the foot. The beige blended into the whole and elongated the leg”, Massaro explained. Since then, the Chanel slingback shoes have become an absolute icon!

Utterly chic heels on the YSL seal… A creation by graphic designer Adolphe Jean-Marie Mouron, better known as Cassandre, who in 1961 broke many codes of graphic design simply to create a logo never seen before. With this logo, Cassandre challenged the rule by breaking the principle of not using two fonts in the same word. And Saint Laurent has skillfully put the most desirable heels on top of it!

Due to Carrie Bradshaw’s obsession with Manolo’s creations, the Hangisi heels became legendary – the Manolo Blahnik label allows a chic and sexy arch, and you to be perfectly stable in your heels!

J’adior… Dior heels whose name is a wink to the J’Adore perfume by Dior. J’Adore, a name “which can be said in any language and in which we hear gold and Dior” Sabine Belli, former International Brand Director for Christian Dior Perfumes reminds. John Galliano also has a found memory of it… Upon his arrival in Paris, very shy and speaking very little French, John Galliano only knew “J’adore, j’adooore!”

Prada heels stamped with the signature triangle… A logo that is in reality not one since the main idea behind this logo is the absence of a logo. Unlike other brands, Prada proclaims itself “anti-status” and these heels embody this avant-garde value!

Designed for the Fall/Winter 2010 season by Maria Grazia Chuiri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, for the Valentino Garavani Rockstud collection, Rockstuds are a racy statement of rebellion. A decade later, Rockstuds perfectly embody the heels of the contemporary woman.

Launched in 1953, Gucci’s horsebit loafers instantly became iconic. On the feet of actors, actresses, women and men of taste, the shoe becomes the elegant symbol of a new era! In 1985, the shoes entered the permanent collection of the MoMa in New York. Since then, their growing popularity has never stopped. Here is the heels version!

The meeting of two iconic Roger Vivier signatures. The trompette heel, inspired by the 1970s, and the Belle buckle… In 1967, Catherine Deneuve immortalized the Belle Vivier in the film Belle de Jour by director Luis Buñuel.

A little jewel as practical as it is elegant, the Vivier shoe is so recognizable that it is still the house signature today.

He is nicknamed the maestro of the stiletto – son of the genius Sergio Rossi, Gianvito Rossi has channeled all of his talent in terms of making the shoes sexy, elegant and comfortable! “At every stage of design, we have to think and make a comfortable shoe. Everything is tested by girls at the factory. It’s during the finalization of the production that we settle the last little details that make all the difference.”

Fall/Winter 2004 If the Pigalle pump appears for the first time in the Louboutin flagship store nestled in passage Vero Dodat, its history is to drawn out from Christian Louboutin’s memories. A shape, an arch borrowed from museum signage. In the 1970s… The sharp vamp, the pointed toe, the black patent leather and the iconic red sole ultimately complete the heels.

Ultra glamour, ultra pop, ultra iconic.

Romy, by Jimmy Choo. The classic heels reinvented with the unparalleled expertise of Jimmy Choo – sensual vamp and elegant arch… It is the icon of a brand which has dressed the feet of Princess Diana, Madonna and Michelle Obama!

A true icon of the brand, Godiva by Sergio Rossi crystallizes the values of the brand which wants to be “elegant, sexy and Italian”. Audacity is combined with elegance and give us a shoe whose simple and classic lines make it timeless but still sought-after.

Known for its vertiginous heels, the Ernest house has been putting shoes on the cabaret dancers of Pigalle, Crazy Horse and Moulin Rouge since 1904! The Damnation heels are the icons of this repertoire and are just as chic as they are scandalous, of which Helmut Newton has immortalized more than one take in these shoots!

The perfect heels, you will find!

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