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It was after a dazzling ice spectacle, organized by renowned Swiss figure skater Stéphane Lambiel, that Hublot announced the launch of an exclusive timepiece. The occasion was perfectly selected: a vibrant homage to La Grande Odyssée Savoie Mont Blanc, an epic dogsled race that criss-crosses the enchanting landscapes of Switzerland’s Haute-Savoie. As the official timekeeper of the Odyssée, Hublot is reaffirming their unique engagement to the tradition of measuring time. This measure is paramount for mushers the world over, for whom passing time is both their worst enemy and their greatest ally.

From January 7-18 2017, on a quest for sensations as much as one for nature, the participants created their own modern epic across the snowy peaks of the Savoie – more than 1,000 km overall. At the station’s central ice rink, Stéphane Lambel, two-time world champion and Olympic silver medalist figure skater, performed the last pirouette to reveal the final spectacle: the Classic Fusion “La Grande Odyssée”, an exclusive watch with only 100 copies released.

This watch is an homage to this unique race, a journey across time. Aesthetically, its blued dial and titanium case evoke the contrast between the immaculate white of fresh fallen snow and the overhanging blue of the sky. This blue can be found in the eyes of the Nordic dogs that loyally accompany their mushers as well. Finally, the dial’s satin finish evokes the reflection of the sun’s rays on the powdery surface. This composition is inspired and subtly symbolizes the spirit of adventure and authenticity that is so dear to Hublot. Check it out now.

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