History Bracelet Force 10 Fred : Iconic Collection

History Bracelet Force 10 Fred : Iconic Collection

The story of Fred’s Force 10 bracelet is the story of the meeting of the Place Vendôme and the world of the sea!

The Force 10 Fred Collection: A History of Passion

A sailing enthusiast, Fred Samuel named his bracelet “Force 10”, in reference to the power of wind storms. Made of braided steel wires, the jewelry in the Fred Force 10 collection is inspired by boats and sailing ropes… The clasp draws its pivoting shape directly from this world and its codes…

And it is to Fred and Henri Samuel and their passion, sailing, that we owe the birth of this model. In 1966, Fred Samuel watched his son braid a rope and check his shackles before casting off. Ingenious, Fred was inspired by this braided cable model and a boat shackle to create a piece of jewelry: the Force 10 bracelet.

History Bracelet Force 10 Fred : Iconic Collection

This piece gracefully combines two qualities essential to its success: creativity and know-how. The authenticity of the bracelet is revealed through the 1500 threads that made the fame of its braided rope. At the time, the Force 10 bracelet revolutionized the world of jewelry. Fred has indeed had the genius to associate two new materials in jewelry: gold and steel in a marine universe… This marriage will make it a best seller.

Force 10 Bracelet News Fred

At 57 years old, in 2023, the Force 10 bracelet can be worn in a thousand and one ways, every day, as you wish. both timeless and modern by its interchangeability, its unisex aesthetic adapts to each personality. “By orchestrating the unexpected meeting of a braided steel sail rope and a gold buckle, two materials that previously seemed poles apart, Fred has made his mark on jewelry.

History Bracelet Force 10 Fred : Iconic Collection 2023

A seductive avant-garde vision, this bracelet has since inspired a collection of both casual and jewelry. The original creative boldness has been joined by versatility and an energetic spectrum of colors,” the company deftly describes.

History Bracelet Force 10 Fred : Iconic Collection

The house has thus given shape to a precious creation to wear in everyday life. Nathalie Bader, Fred’s former president, said, “We want jewelry that is in life. That means products that are easy to wear, that don’t get caught in your tights, that allow you to take a cab without fear of losing your stones.” In keeping with this spirit, Fred revisits the Force 10 collection each year, with cheerfulness and modernism.

The iconic Force 10 bracelet, can afford anything. Like putting the cap on the colors: neon pink, acid yellow and vibrant orange are at the appointment. This summer, we never tire of recomposing these bracelets with new semi-paved diamond shackles and bracelets in multiple colors. The Force 10 bracelets will make more than one of us capsize… Like the iconic Sex and the City”, where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw, wears a Fred Force 10 bracelet!