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Hennessy Very Special is imposing its inimitable style in time. And for its third artistic collaboration, the brand is this time putting Os Gemeos on the tag, a reflection of their realistic and optimistic art. Inspired by the elegance, refinement, and tradition of Hennessy cognac, the tag borrows the same warm colors and modernity that constitute the two artists’ signature. Hennessy’s history and the importance of the brand’s art of assembly have become a “peaceful and colorful landscape”, as they call it, upon contact with the two brothers. A subtle contemporary and urban mixture of murals from days gone by. Since 1988, the streets of São Paulo have been the setting for their murals; by multiplying the dimension of their compositions, by using heteroclite materials, their work is tinted with surrealism and a naive pioneering graffiti art, as if they were Lascaux cave artists.

Hennessy is confirming its street art roots: after Kaws and Futura, it is now up to Brazilian twins Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo – alias Os Gêmeos – to dress up the the cognac distillery’s bottle for a limited edition Hennessy Very Special.This universe is a very soft and very loud one where, in this brash yellow that appears throughout their compositions, you can read all the subtlety of a social critique. “We love to experiment. This project represented a new medium for us, a way to transform tradition into something contemporary and colorful,” explain Os Gemeos. The fruit of scrupulous labor, selecting the most expressive of spirits within their style, it’s worth noting that the duo’s signature reflects all the singularity of the spirits that compose the expressive notes of Hennessy Very Special. On the rocks or mixed with other flavors to reveal the nectar’s true aromas, enjoying it straight up is perhaps the best way to approach it.


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