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Everything starts with a sip of amber Hennessy X.O cognac. The depth of its mahogany reflections and tannic odor presage its confident character and promise to titillate the senses. The softness of its fruits, the tonality of its spices, the richness of its aromas of wild cocoa and the character of its wooded notes are surprising and ravish the palate like never before. Yan Fillioux, Master Assembler for Hennessy, perpetuates the hallowed tradition of daily tastings in order to guarantee the individual taste of the eaux de vie that create the cognacs of tomorrow.

Next comes a bite of some of the most refined cuisines in the world, as Cantonese and Huaiyang dishes are added to the Shangri-La menu. In the hands of Samuel Lee Sum, this dish is constructed in strict accordance with the muted refinement of the venue, where decor and service make time stand still. The generosity of this menu composed by Chef Lee Sum, who is Michelin starred, fits in with the purest of Chinese traditions, such as the sharing of dishes among the guests.

Starting in December and extending until February, the Shangri-La Hotel Paris will be offering this tasting experience. By teaming the chef’s inspiration with the creations and selections of Hennessy’s Master Assembler in brand new ways, this menu establishes a perfect balance between the subtlety of Chinese cuisine and the elegant character of Hennessy cognacs. Three versions bring together scallops and Hennessy X.O Riviera on the rocks as well as lobster, crispy pork belly and Hennessy X.O Original. Finally, Hennessy Paradis Impérial dares the audacious pairing of mango, avocado, and refreshing red berries in a delicate osmanthus gelatine. Available now at the starred Shang Palace restaurant.

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