FOCUS On VS Cognac: Our 2022 Selection of Best Cognacs

FOCUS On VS Cognac: Our 2022 Selection of Best Cognacs

Cognac VS stands for “Very Special” cognac. Thus, Icon-Icon gathers the most exceptional cognacs that contributed to this art of living.

SPECIAL VS Cognac: An art of living!

The designations VS, VSOP, and XO refer to the age and quality of cognac. Each matches the aging duration of eaux-de-vie stored in oak barrels. In 1983, after a request from the BNIC (National Interprofessional Bureau of Cognac), the french government enacted a regulation determining the terms used to depict the quality of cognac. Those designations, which could figure on the tag, refer to the age of the youngest eau-de-vie used throughout the making of cognac.

Behind the VS title, we understand that only 2-year-old eaux-de-vie are required to produce that kind of cognac. In order to make sense of it, Icon-Icon puts its knowledge in aid of a selection including the best VS—by highlighting houses that have raised this spirit to the status of art of living.

The Camus house can boast about being the leader of its niche. For five generations, Camus has been leading the founding family, and the philosophy remained the same: producing the most perfect cognac in harmony with the wilderness surrounding the family estate. Very Special Intensity cognac is part of their most famous expressions.


As for the least aged of its cognacs, the house explores around this special assembly of eau-de-vie was carefully selected in order to capture the soil from Charentes. This spirit is full of fruit aromas, including spicy hints. The Very Special Intensity is the cognac whose floral intensity is the stronger of its category.

The Hennessy Very Special cognac is another iconic spirit. It embodies the mastery of the assembly whose house is the icon. It captures its unique style and striking taste through the meeting of a warm temper and the boldness of this cognac. This spirit is part of the most famous cognacs and reveals ancestral know-how. It is both young and structured, which is ideal for being worked in mixology and offers a great deal of gustative possibilities.

It is no accident that Hennessy has been worldwide successful for over 250 years, as a leader in the cognac industry. The house maintains the aura thanks to outstanding know-how and potent values, passed through generations: family legacy and modernness.


In 1715, the Martell distillery ushered a new bold era of cognac production. 300 years of history are revealed in the Martell VS Single distillery cognac: the flavor is iconic, noble, and powerful.

Moreover, Martell is the only prestigious house to double distillate light-colored wines in order to preserve the fruity aromas of grapes. This choice signs fine and gourmet cognacs by Martell.

With this cognac, Martell goes further in the approach. Thus, each bottle is bottled with eaux-de-vie from the same source.


Courvoisier stood out thanks to its own production technique. Its VS cognac goes through an aging process longer than the average minimum and rests for four years. This cognac is the most finished expression of know-how, Courvoisier earned to be Napoleon’s favorite cognac. Indeed, he enjoyed this spirit so much that he brought several crates with him to Saint-Hélène to soften his exile.


VS Petite Champagne is another outstanding cognac. Created by Remy Martin, an undoubtedly well-known figure in the cognac industry, this spirit captures all the nobility of this soil in order to provide striking flavors.


This selection of the best cognacs pursues with a creation by Drouet. Produced solely with local eaux-de-vies from Grande Champagne, this VS cognac expresses the aromatic magnificence of the region. This cognac is young and vigorous.


Finally, the youngest of the great cognacs from Frapin closes this selection. Since 1270, this family has been enhancing the terroir of Grande Champagne in a cognac, of which this Very Special Premier Grand Cru expresses all the dynamics.

An art of living to ponder with a cigar or a cocktail! That way, we can have access to emblematic houses like Hennessy, which proposes to invert the structure of its Very Special cognac around 6 seasonal cocktails. Cocktails mixing Hennessy Ginger & Lime and Cucumber & Pear Punch – to the sophisticated Spicy Crush and Mediterranean Sunset.

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