Elvis Presley and the 60th Anniversary of the Ventura Watch

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January 3, 1957: Hamilton released a timepiece that turned the rules of design and technology upside down. The Ventura was the very first electric watch to use a battery. With a revolutionary movement, its design was every bit as innovative with curves inspired by the American spirit. The object would quickly get tongues wagging, but it was in 1961 when Elvis Presley wore it in the film Blue Hawaii that its status as an icon would become a sealed deal. The Ventura, also considered a futurist watch, is playing with this symbolism today within an honorific collection.

This year, the Ventura is turning 60. To celebrate, Hamilton is releasing four anniversary versions of the icon. The Ventura Classic and the Ventura Elvis80 Skeleton form the base of a magnificent quartet of watches. Past meets present in a first quartz homage watch with a stainless steel case treated with a yellow PVD coating. Another nod to Ventura’s illustrious past is the Teju motif brown leather bracelet, the white dial with golden indexes and hands, and the legendary red arrow on the second hand that all make for an inimitable vintage style. Both timeless and modern, Hamilton plays with brand new materials by using denim to make the bracelet for the second anniversary timepiece. This fabric, immensely popular when the Ventura first came out, has traversed the decades without ever going out of style. That’s why it can be found on the bracelet of the second Ventura, whose polished stainless steel case protects a dial with a 3D effect jeans print.

Leather was also big in the 50s and is an absolute symbol of rock’n’roll as well as a key element in American culture. The third version of the Ventura is thus equipped with a stainless steel case with a black PVD coating as well as a leather bracelet that’s black on the front and bright red on the reverse side. Finally, the fourth interpretation of the timepiece has an ultra-modern skeleton design that recalls the King’s microphone. Through the dial’s geometric grill, one can observe the hypnotizing movements of the automatic calibre, adorned with superb decorations on the front side. A shiny stainless steel case and a black rubber or steel bracelet complete the look for this watch inspired by retro microphones. This one’s sure to light up the stage!

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