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There are certain effects of nature and time that we have to wont to master, to ease and to appease. Starting here, Dior’s laboratories took the time to observe in detail the aggressions of cold weather and its negative effects towards the skin. The cold makes blood vessels contract to maintain a proper body temperature. This adaptive maneuver, while vital, is harmful to the skin which becomes dull and lifeless in the meantime. Dior’s scientific reflections on the conclusion that the best insulation against the cold, after empty space, is none other than air; It’s simple physics! Cream Riche formula to create a real cosmetic winter coat.

With a loss of its suppleness or any newfound roughness, the skin loses its natural waterproof abilities. Here, the regenerative power of Granville Rose was directly incorporated; Smoother, plumper, firmer, it reveals the skin’s rosy perfection. Dior Prestige Cream Texture Rich brings a sensorial experience to the mix as well – indeed, it’s no use preparing for a rough winter without taking into account incessant thermal shocks and accelerated aging Due to the skin being exposed to the biting cold. This three-step ritual allows you to face any cold situation, all while putting sensory pleasures at the heart of the experience. This rich texture and brand new signature, the latest addition to Dior Prestige, is available now.

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